Posted by: Jim | February 13, 2008

President Obama?

This week’s tally of the primary votes places Obama in a slight lead over Hillary for the Democratic nomination. This is good news to me, as I’m no fan of Hillary.

Still, I wonder what it is about Obama that appeals to me, and apparently to a lot of other voters. The man definitely has charisma, and knows how to deliver a speech. He also has class, as evidenced by his speech yesterday when he said, “Senator McCain is an American hero, and we should honor his military service to this country.” (Note the difference here in Obama’s approach to McCain’s military record versus Bush’s approach to John Kerry’s.)

Obama has huevos, since he voted against the Iraq War, AND liked Tom Jones, before it was cool.  

Also, the man has a sense of humor: “George W. Bush will not be on the ballot in 2008.” Haha! Obama sure knows how to appeal to his base.  (This comment got more applause than any, by the way.)

You all knew this word was coming … BUT, what is it about Obama that really indicates to us what he will do? As a Senator he has missed a hell of a lot of votes.  He does have an elaborate statement on his positions and plans, but his speeches focus on glittering generalities, which makes me suspicious that he doesn’t want us to focus on the proverbial man behind the curtain. 

I still support Obama, mostly because as a 2-term Senator I believe he will not have been corrupted by the machine as much as Hillary–the old woman who lived in Washington’s shoe. I still support him because I am a sucker for a good speech, and let’s face it–Obama is a brilliant orator. I still support him because I like the sound of his glittering generalities. They’re so … glittery. But I’m also smart enough to realize that these are not ample reasons to support a President.

The guy better deliver, is all I can say, or I’m gonna open a can of MEAT on him for four long years. That’ll show him.


  1. Deliver what? What is it that everyone expects the next president to do, exactly? I mean, unless Obama rips his shirt off at the inauguration to reveal a big red ‘S’ emblazoned on rippling pecs of steel, how on Earth is he supposed to stop the rapid-running river of shit in which we find ourselves paddleless?

    Don’t get me wrong; if I have to choose from among the three-and-a-half remaining ‘front-runners’ for someone to steer this sinking canoe, O’s the only one I can even imagine in the job, but not because of who he is. I have no fucking clue who he is; all I know is he can deliver a decent speech and he might even have had a hand in writing it (unlike our current Commandantator-in-Chief). But just like every other stinking election I’ve ever been old enough to vote in, what it comes down to is not who the candidate IS, but who s/he is NOT. In this case, he is not Shillary; he is not McRambo; and above all, he is not the Reverend Fucklebilly.

    And none of them are Bush, which is of course a beautiful thing in itself — I refuse to watch the news anymore because if I have to look at his evil soulless neandercon monkeyface one more time, I will slam my own head through the glass door of my microwave oven. But the ‘con nightmare isn’t over; in fact, it likely won’t be over in my lifetime unless it ends very, very badly. For all of us. Don’t think your gated community is going to insulate you from the shitstorm, friend.

    And that’s what I’m talking about. Will B.O. end the war? Not likely. He’ll probably expand it. After all, it’s the status quo now. Endless war. Gotta keep the machine going — and not just the war machine. The Petrodollar machine. For all the talk of ‘change’, the fact is that the house of cards is built, and the only thing we can do is keep building it until it falls down.

    Everybody knows that the dice are loaded; everybody rolls with their fingers crossed. Everybody knows that the war is over; everybody knows that the good guys lost.

    — Leonard Cohen

    * * *

  2. Hey, I liked Tom Jones before it was cool, too. Does that mean I’ve only got one huevo?

  3. Tom Jones is cool?

  4. I was cool before Tom Jones…

    (Hmm, not strictly speaking true)

    I think it is the case that the job of the President is not particularly to do good things but to avoid doing really bad things. But, unless Obama is going to stop massive military spends and put a windfall tax on Big Oil and a give-most-of-it-back tax on war profiteers like Haliburton, then it won’t make any difference.

    Also, I heard Bush talking again this week that we are at war – with who?

    At war with Al-Qaida? At war with Iraq? At war with the Taliban? There was an authorisation to use military force but I don’t remember any formal declaration of war. What about Oklahoma? Was the US at war then? With white supremacists?

    The whole thing is a con game. Google Nick Davies, he has just written a book exposing how Al Zarqawi was nothing and not even connected to Al Qaida before pysops and planted media stories developed his persona, attributing demonstrably false claims that he was responsible for all manner of attacks, until finally he was “head of Al Qaida in Iraq” and this was finally spun by OBL who said it and like Picard – “made it so”. By then, thanks to the ‘CV’ the US propaganda had built for him, Zarqawi was fulfilling all the hype and actually WAS a big fish. Talk about manufacturing reality out of whole cloth.

    You can also search for Al Qaida in Lexis Nexis etc and see if it existed before 9/11.

    This would not matter if it was not for the claim that ‘we are at war’ with these phantoms.

  5. I agree Jim, I love listing to this guy speak. I don’t much care for this Global Poverty Tax (and if this is a preview for the next four years, oy vey!) he is going to try to push through in the coming weeks, though.

    Noble intent, but futile in my opinion.

    To me, I could tolerate him with a Republican controlled Congress. Come to think of it, in the last 50 years, this country seems to get along best when the opposition party controls the congress. Maybe it should be a law that one party can’t have both the White House and Capitol Hill. I’ll have to think about that one…

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