Posted by: Jim | March 3, 2008

Remember …


A vote for Ralph Nader means the fucktards win.

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  1. “I tried to stick this in a bush, but it smells like gore. I wish I knew what this thing was for. Wherever I stick it, the country despairs; I should have just stuck with the bloody Corvairs.”

    * * *

  2. “Remember, even the people who have voted for me before now want to bitchslap me.”

    Not as creative as Bri, perhaps, but oh so true.

    (I voted for Nader in ’92 and ’96. Bush’s dead eyes scared me so much in 2000 that I voted for Gore. In California. Which tends to go to the Dems.)

    Damn, that Nader needs a bitchslap.

  3. Few can be as creative as Bri, my dear. Very few. The rest of you are lucky not to carry this burden.

    * * *

  4. Yeah, usually people as creative as Bri are murdered by their parents at an early age. 😀

  5. Which is why I was such a “good girl” growing up, Jim. I may not have been Bri-level creative, but I wasn’t too shabby in that department. Being a “good girl” ensured that I would make it to adulthood.

    Though sometimes I wonder if that was such a good idea, ’cause adulthood is kinda sucking big pointy rocks.

  6. God bless Nalph Rader.

  7. “Quarter of Clinton supporters would vote McCain over Obama”

    The GOP might not even need Nader when the Obama-Hillary supporters are tearing each other to shreds.

    I’ve never seen as much hatred between two candidates camps.

  8. Since I gave up hope, I feel much better.

    * * *

  9. Bri, that sounds like a Pot Shot.

  10. More to the point.

  11. OK, I feel somewhat humbled. A friend sent me a personal e-mail to indicate that my point is not well thought out and that Nader isn’t *really* the reason Gore lost in 2000.

    True enough. And it’s also good that Nader brought some excellent issues to light by running past elections (one of the only things outlyers like him can actually accomplish).

    But what has he done for us lately?

  12. As a former Nader supporter, I feel I have to answer:


    There were two reasons I voted for Nader in ’92 and ’96: 1) I really do believe in and support a lot of what he has to say; 2) I wanted to help create a viable third party and hoped that, the more people voted Green, the higher the profile of the party would be. I’ve never been a big fan of either the GOP or the Dems, even though I’ve been registered Democratic since my early 20s.

    However, in both ’04 and ’08 Nader’s runs for the White House have felt more about ego and less about what is best for the United States. True, the man has always had a humongous ego, but that’s not the Nader I supported in the ’90s.

    Also, I think that your friend is partially right. Nader isn’t the main reason Gore “lost” in 2000, but he is a contributing reason. It’s true that Gore was a piss-poor candidate (though I love what he’s done for the environmental movement), but Nader siphoned enough votes from the Democrats that it made possible for the the Florida cluster-fuck to happen, which allowed the presidency to be awarded to Bush.

    So Nader isn’t blameless in the 2000 debacle either. That makes his subsequent tries for the White House all the more infuriating.

  13. Hmmm…I knew I should have written that book. Now it’s too late. It’s been done. Gotta act fast, folks. Just ask Alberto Santos-Dumont or Antonio Meucci.

    * * *

  14. It’s not looking good for the dems, really. I’m sure you could apply the John Anderson/Ralph Nader/Ross Perot principle to Ron Paul as well. All he’s doing is taking votes away from viable candidates. Huckabee tried his best to hinder his party by winning Iowa and then riding that wave far too long after.

    The Clintons are projected to win Texas, and with Ohio under her belt, this really helps the GOP. Now they camp out in Pennsylvania and preach the same tired rhetoric for a few weeks and allow the rest of the nation to watch and realize that McCain’s tired old rhetoric is more appealing.

    Hey, conservative, but equal 🙂 They’re all politicians!

  15. “I vow to bring to justice, the crack-head that cut my hair,”

  16. Doesn’t matter who wins now. The only question is will we have World War Three AND Economic Collapse, or just the latter?

    I’m kinda hoping for both. At least the blastwave will be quick and painless. The inevitable decline would hurt so much more for longer, with the same result anyway.

    The best thing about the Republicans (including Hillary) is that they wanna go down fighting, thus taking everyone else down with ’em. That’s the American Way, man. Custer’s Last Stand and all that.

    Sorry, kids. We tried, but stupid triumphed in the end. As it always has.

    * * *

  17. “Our so-called democracy can come sit on this…”

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