Posted by: Jim | March 11, 2008


Which of the following do you think will happen?

Scenario #1:
Obama wins the Democratic primary with no scandals, then goes on to beat McCain. His JFK-like suave lulls Americans into a false state of well-being until a 1 megaton suitcase bomb is detonated in Boston. Obama declares a state of national emergency, invokes NSPD-51 and renders congress virtually powerless. He becomes America’s best orator and first dictator. Hope becomes mandatory.

Scenario #2:
Obama and Clinton continue to fight it out. The final battle comes down to super-delegates, many of whom vote against the popular vote of their constituents. As a result, the Democratic nominee is so scandal-ridden that McCain wins the election. The War in Iraq continues unabated. When the price of oil hits $200 per barrel in 2010, a coalition of Russian, Chinese, and Iranian forces invade Iraq using a media smokescreen of “rescuing it from US incompetency.” McCain backs down, realizing that a war with all three powers is not winnable. The power over the Saudi’s economic manipulation of the oil supply shifts to the invadors.  Over the next five years, the lack of oil and our continued dependance upon it sees us spiral down to nearly third-world status. Mexico helps bail us out by trading US Dollars for Pesos.

Scenario #3:
Though the press calls it “The Most Amazing Comeback In US Election History,” Hillary’s victory is actually a result of a $5k deal with Diebold and an adolescent C++ programmer.  News of this gets out in 2009, and Hillary and her VP are quickly impeached, giving the keys to the kingdom to Nancy Pelosi until new elections are held. Pelosi immediately pardons Clinton. In the meantime, a coup begins in Venezuela, and the US covertly intervenes to assist the rebels in toppling Hugo Chavez. He is replaced by a cruel dictator (Clinton) who obeys US wishes, and sells oil to us at bargain prices. The price of oil goes up to $200 anyway.



  1. Jim

    If you are going to get into a nightmare scenario and entertain visions, how about looking into the fact that massive oil deposits continue to be ‘discovered’ – particularly in the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) – and have a think about just why that may be.

    I need to get to a good English-book stocked library, but it seems there is a case that oil is not a fossil fuel, or that there are forms of oil that are not fossil fuels. You can search and find that scientists have made hydrocarbon rich discoveries on moons in our solar system

    Oil may arise naturally from the Earth’s mantle (many oil-rich areas are near volcanos, fault lines, etc) and be continually replenished as gas replenishes. ie: The ‘peak-oil’ theories and the tightening of supply is a rather large hoax. Oil is a vertical model of extraction, distribution, refinement and supply, so it is possible to exert a lot of control over the data.

  2. The scenario is the same as that in Total Recall, where the megacorp has a captive market for oxygen on a planet where they have suppressed operation of alien technology that switched on would create a planetary atmosphere.

  3. I hope it’s not true that we have an endless supply of oil, because it’s not terribly good for the environment. I haven’t worried too much about it because I’ve assumed the “peak oil” scenario will curb our carbon emissions. So, if oil just oozes out of the earth’s core, I’ll have to trade one apocalypse for another.

  4. Well, to face rapid irreversible climate change without a supply of oil may be the worst scenario, no?

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