Posted by: Jim | March 22, 2008

Lie is Lie

The teacher of lies teaches twice.

I learned that God is love.
Then, that those O-words
Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent
Were just smoke rings,
Ablated, evaporated.

I learned that Love is God.
Then, that love is a scoundrel’s masque,
Staged gestures,
Of actors and actresses miming mythos.
The play’s message is clear.

The teacher of lies teaches twice.
And best.



  1. Interesting that people of no faith get bent out of shape when others preach the glory of God but it is perfectly acceptable to preach what they believe the falsehood of God. Despite pissing you off, I will say a prayer for you today.

  2. Looks like Boss Hawg done got hisself all drunk agin’, so ol’ Bubba gots time ta logon to the wi-fi at the Stuckey’s. On Easter Sundy, even. Ain’t that the Lawd’s day fer eatin’ ham an’ colorin’ eggs like dey says in da Bible?

    * * *

  3. Nice one Bri….

  4. “Despite pissing you off, I will say a prayer for you today.”

    This sentiment and its variant – “I will pray for you” constitutes, for me, the most annoying thing that anybody can say to me. The last time it was rewarded with an equalizing stream of profanity.

    Go ahead and pray to your non-existent God for the saving of what? Jim’s non-existent soul!

    I know that Bubbagut is one believer who is sure to return with some ungodly abuse, there’s such a patent strain of aggression in that comment.

    I am going to not say a prayer for you.

  5. Don’t fret Bubba. Atheism is a faith, just like Global Warming and Obama.

  6. You were close, Venj. Atheism is afaith. Notice I didn’t put a space in there. Because when you add an ‘a’ to the beginning of certain words (i.e., amoral or asexual), the ‘a’ in question means WITHOUT. As in SANS. Or, as that wacky Borat would say, NOT.

    It comes from Latin, kids. Like a lot of our language. Si qua non?

    It isn’t really all that complicated, you see. Deism means you believe there is a god but no particular religion has evidence enough to sway you into believing in theirs. Theism means you believe in a particular God (with or without evidence — that part’s always a sticky wicket, since ‘faith’ presupposes belief in spite of a lack of evidence, yet Christians, for example, have always desperately clung to anything that could possibly maybe provide such evidence. Methinks they doth cling too much. Heh.); and Atheism means you don’t ascribe to either of the above delusions, usually because you reasonably demand some sort of evidence before you’ll believe in anything.

    Show an Atheist actual proof of your dogma’s truth (proof based NOT in circular reasoning but in sound, repeatable scientific principles), and, unlike a typical Theist, he or she will most likely be intrigued enough to inquire further and perhaps even change his or her mind.

    An atheist does not say “I believe with all my heart that there is no god.” An atheist says “nothing I’ve seen and nothing you’ve shown me leads me to believe that any of your superstitions have a basis in reality.”

    That is not a faith — that is the absence of faith, despite the tired script that the Fundie Parrotheads like to spew.

    And by the way, since there have been a zillion gods worshiped by a zillion cultures throughout the milennia, and since Christians, Jews and Muslims refuse to believe in more than one of them, then I hate to be the one to break this to y’all, but you’re 99% atheist. I believe in NONE of those zillion fables, and you believe in ONE of them. So we’re almost the same; just off by one god. And not even one of the cooler gods, like Thor or Shiva — no, the only thing standing in the way of our rational discourse is your one mean, nasty, hopelessly Freudian little Jehovah and his fabled half-human kid who supposedly had to suffer and die because his Dad created humans in his mean, nasty, hopelessly Freudian image and then got mad at them for acting just like Him.

    Woody Allen meets John Wayne Gacy. That’s your god. You can have Him.

    * * *

  7. What? No one is going to argue about the second half of the poem? That love is a lie?

    amateurs …

  8. Artistic poem, this is.
    Love is a choice; not an emotion. When it is chosen, it is not a lie.

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