Posted by: Jim | March 26, 2008

The Candidate Who Loves America the Most Should Step Down

Today it was learned that more and more Democrats are saying they will vote for McCain if their candidate is not nominated.

This is a troubling trend. How sad it would be if, after eight years of the worst President in history (go ahead, argue that point), the Democrats still fail to win the White House because of a protracted primary where both candidates were soiled beyond electability. We’re on our way; this is becoming a plausible outcome.

I can see the history teachers in 75 years explaining this one to their classes.

“Yes, students, in 2008 everyone in the USA felt the Democrats were a shoe-in after George W. Bush had ruined the reputation of Republicans, but they stepped on their dicks. That was back when men had dicks, and before McCain’s nuclear holocaust caused them to genetically mutate into the gooey, hair-nubbed pudenda we have there now. Thank god for oral sex and test tube babies, no? <insert raucus student laughter and troglodyte-like foot stomping>.”

(Note: the previous paragraph has been translated from Chinese.)



  1. In 75 years, the American history teachers will be explaining it IN Chinese…

    Only joking, of course…

    Who ever wanted HRC to run anyway? A choice between her and McCain is hardly a choice at all, not because of policy similarities, but because both are deeply entrenched parts of the problem. Just look at HRC laying down the law to Pelosi and threatening to have her funding cut off if she refuses to tone down her speech on how negative it would be for pledged delegates to switch sides.

    HRC is exhausted but we’re into one of those scenarios where she’ll take the whole party down in flames rather than concede defeat. This one’s going all the way to the convention floor, I hazard to guess.

  2. The DNC is worthless. Hell, the whole party is worthless. They’ve proven that in Congress where, once we finally got a majority and could actually get something done, they still rolled over for BushCo. I’m actually getting to the point where I think they’re working for the RNC.

    I mean, look at the situation we’re in now: after 8 years of the worst president in history, after a war nobody in their right mind supported (and it’s amazing how everyone but Todd-O wised up as time dragged on), after everything that’s happened over the last eight years to give the Dems the presidency on a silver platter… What have they done? Snatched defeat from the jaws of victory by offering up two of the worst candidates possible: a woman with almost no experience to offer who is reviled by everyone on the right and who is married to the president most hated by the Right in history; and a black man with an Islamic name who has almost no experience to offer.

    I’m seriously considering voting a 3rd party this time around (not Nader, though). I’ve come to the conclusion that the Dems don’t/won’t/can’t represent me properly, the Republicans are going to steal the election anyway, and it’s all a charade anyway, so why bother?

  3. Wilkommen zu Amerika!

  4. How sad it would be if, after eight years of the worst President in history (go ahead, argue that point)

    My vote is for Carter (as worst in my lifetime).

    You should amend your statement to read something like, “President who most disagrees and acts opposing to my views, and in my lifetime.”

    Here’s a Wikipedia article on the ranking of Presidents by poll through the years. ‘W’ is down there, but by no means the worst.

  5. Jeez, Todd’s one step ahead of us — he’s already speaking Chinese.

    * * *

  6. He’s reading Chinese, too. Hey, Todd-O, here’s a little fact-check for ya: Of all the polls listed in that Wiki article, only 3 or 4 of them were taken after W took office. If you look ONLY at the ones taken since he was elected, he plummets right to the bottom.

    2005: “Unfavorably viewed”: Bush & Nixon
    2006: “Worst President” – Bush is #1 at 34%
    2006: “How will president go down in history?” – lowest ranking: W, at 29%

    Now, to be fair, some of your fellow Kool-Aid drinkers were represented too. W was called the Greatest president by 8% in 2005 and 2% in 2007, but I think that just shows a clear trend of the Kool-Aid wearing off.

    I think sticking with saying “worst president ever” is still accurate. That is what the polls you cited say, after all…

  7. I will not amend what I said. This is not a wiki; what I say is truth. I remember Nixon, and Bush makes him look like a saint. I don’t remember Harding or Grant (probably the other two worst Presidents) but from what I know about History, Teapot Dome did far less damage than the extremely long list of Bush’s grievances, and Grant’s alcoholism was child’s play next to the abject denial we have in the WH today. I WISH Bush had been in a drunken stupor his entire Presidency.

  8. But the point here is not Bush’s stature, it’s the growing chance that his policies will continue due to the rabid determination of Hillary to get into the WH.

  9. But Jim, what you say is opinion, just like my Carter assertion. I don’t expect you to agree with it. You will never make it fact because it will always be opinion. I think instead you should be mad a people like me who put him in office for a second term (something I’ll never change). You don’t earn a second term by being ‘the worst.’

    LOL on the Chinese Bri.

  10. I wish I had something to contribute to this thread, but I don’t, except this: Remember 1972.

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