Posted by: Jim | April 15, 2008

Glory to God in the Highest. Peace On Earth and Good Will Toward Men.

My new job is at a Korean-owned company, so I will never have to utter, hear, read, or write the following word. Nor will I have to spend useless hours of my life participating in the following practice:


For those of you who know what this is, you will know and appreciate the blessing that has been bestowed upon me that I shall not have to participate in this most vile pestilence that was ever unleashed upon the American people by it’s own leadership. But before I go I would like to lay one last curse upon Jeff Skilling, Ken Lay, Andy Fastow, and the rest of the scourge that caused …


I am overjoyed …



  1. Jim, could you please be more vague? As far I know (and it is only because I am marrying a Yankees fan), Sox is already the most vile and degrading term you can apply to another human being, especially when Sox is followed by ‘fan.’

    What is your context?

  2. Strategic Operations eXchange? Or something similar, some ridiculous feedback process that requires the invention of information, and/or takes longer than the task itself to prepare for, and is known by all concerned to be a charade…

    Just speculating… please spill…

  3. You are all so lucky not to know what SOX is.

    Sarbannes-Oxley (SOX) was the bill passed by Congress in response to the ENRON scandal. It requires government-regulated auditing on all business processes for publicly held companies.

    It’s a PAIN IN THE ASS. It meant well, I suppose, and is a rare example of our government trying to curtail corporate corruption, but it doesn’t really solve the problems and creates an enormous amount of Bureaucracy.

    If you get a job and you hear SOX … RUN.

  4. I work in a sports bar two days a week. The Sox are at Yankee Stadium for a two game series tonight and tomorrow night. BOO on the Sox.

  5. How coincidental…..and funny…that
    Just this minute, as I was about to sit down to MY piles of quarterly SOX testing, the dread made mind began to wander… So I picked this time to check your blog.

  6. Hahah! When I took quick inventory of my VERY short list of readers, I knew that of everyone, YOU might possibly appreciate this post. 🙂

  7. Is it called Sox because there is always one bit of paperwork that mysteriously goes missing?

  8. Ha! Yes, when I’m doing MY quarterly testing, I’m alway’s hoping I’ll find the missing SOX to make the dang process worth my time.
    Yes Jim, I do appreciate this post. I didn’t know that you also had to do this testing; and I’m happy for you that you don’t anymore!

  9. Hey quit hitting on my girlfriend.

    * * *

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