Posted by: Jim | April 22, 2008

Same Ol’ Same Ol’

Hillary Clinton is stooping to fear-tactics to scrounge up votes in Pennsylvania. She’s invoking images of Osama bin Laden to imply that she’s more qualified to deal with the next drubbing we’re going to get from terrorists.


She’s proving how similar she is to the past regime. That’s the last thing we need.


  1. That is so weird that you compare Hillary to Bush. If one were to use the transitive property of politics then, Bush is like Bill Clinton.

    Are you saying they’re all the same?

    Obama is just waiting on a given. He will likely win the democratic nomination, but he will be bloodied. This is why he is not taking chances. If he were behind Clinton going into PA, he would employ the same type of political strategery.

    This is why I do not want Obama as President. I want someone proactive, not reactive. Reagan – proactive (Libya, economy). Bush Sr. – proactive (Desert Shield). Bush – proactive (Afghanistan/Iraq), reactive (9-11). McCain – experienced and proactive. Obama – barely out of his political diapers. Clinton – in need of political therapy (sniper fire?).

    Somewhere, an alarm just went off, notifying Chuck that this post has been submitted 😉

  2. I think it is difficult to defend an insurmountable lead in pledged delegates (and likely the popular vote), as is the case for Obama, while at the same time having to counter the ‘politics of perception’ that the Clintons are engaged with, delivering PsyOps via FoxNews, and generally trying to do anything to obscure the mathematically small hopes of HRC acquiring the nomination.

    In truth, it’s boring, but Obama, behind the scenes, is slowly securing more and more superdelegates and shoring up his position further. As for reactive – Todd, did you not see that Obama spent 11$ million, 3-1 vs HRC, in PA? He was in damage limitation, sure, as HRC had an advantage over him demographically in the state, but the stops were pulled out to prevent a blow-out, and the Obama roadshow attracted a primary high crowd of 35,000 on one stop.

    The problem is that HRC has an entire news network, Fox, pitching for her (Murdoch is even running negative Obama stories in the Times of London) and this makes it very difficult now the concerned parties are into overdrive for BO to really set the agenda anymore, as not only is he getting sticked with Rev. Wright stuff (Clinton herself worked at a law firm in the 60s with Communists – a fact checkable in a friendly biography of her), but he can no longer land blows on a HRC who has retreated behind a corporate forcefield – hell, she even said she’d obliterate Iran (and seemingly, much of the Middle East) without it raising much of a peep. (No need to come back at me, Todd, saying, ‘What’s wrong with obliterating Iran – don’t wanna hear it)

  3. Felix, I see your point, but I am talking in terms of leading a nation, not carrying a state during primaries. Two vastly different notions.

    I am still forming my opinion on Iran, so no need to jump the gun on me 🙂 I’m not for obliterating anyone – the U.S. has yet to do that. We helped foster radical change in Iraq, and with radical change comes opposition from the radicals who resist change and/or lose power. I believe sitting back and allowing genocide (Iraqi Kurds) to take place is far worse than doing something about it. It’s not like wiping up a stain, it’s gruesome and nasty. Problem is, we cannot stop genocide and equally as nasty crimes everywhere, so when we make a move in one part of the world, we get blamed for not doing it in all parts of the world.

    How do you rank who gets help first, and if I hear ‘war for oil,’ I will vomit all over Jim’s blog.

  4. P.S. – Eddie Izzard summed it up nicely with reference to Hitler and Pol Pot.

    [Hitler] was a mass-murdering fuckhead, as many important historians have said, but others got away with it. Stalin killed many millions, died in his bed. Well done there.

    Pol Pot killed a million Cambodians, died under house arrest.
    Well done, indeed.

    They got away with it because they killed their own people, and we’re sort of fine with that.

    “Oh, help yourself.”

    We’ve been trying to kill you for ages, so kill your own people, seems to be.

    Hitler killed people next door. Ohhh, stupid man.

    After a couple of years we won’t stand for that, will we?

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