Posted by: Jim | May 15, 2008

“The Arc of History is Long …

… but it bends toward justice.”  Martin Luther King said that, and today it proved true.

The Supreme Court overturned California’s ban on gay marriage. So Californian gays may now become legally married (again).

Unless I”m mixing up my legislation, this is a bitch-slap to the Terminator, who vetoed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage a few years ago. I blogged about it here.

It’s not legal in every state (yet) but the legal precedence has clearly been shown.

Good times.



  1. This is not justice, this is social change. When I think of justice, I think of exhonorating an innocent man in prison. I think of catching and convicting a murderer. This may be the future of marriage, but it’s not justice.

    Can. Worms.

  2. It is justice.

    How would you like it if the Colorado government told you you couldn’t get a drivers license because you have blond hair? The Supreme Court just stepped in and told Colorado that wasn’t fair. Justice!

    And the can of worms thing is temporary. It will be legal in all states soon. And just because it’s difficult to get a divorce doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get married.

  3. Didn’t Toad just say:

    “I choose one, you choose the other. Why is being ‘right’ so important?”


    “I am a Christian man, and I’m fine with my faith, my point of view. I don’t feel the need to go around trying to convince those who think differently than I that my way is the way it should be.”

    Uh huh…

    I just don’t understand the conservative uproar over this issue. Well, I mean I “understand” it — they’re trying to legislate morality — but I don’t get it. I don’t see why it’s anyone’s business who marries whom if both are consenting adults.

    Toad, you know what “justice” really is? Watching you guys get schooled again and again and again. Politically, legally, legislatively… You guys just can’t get it right. Everything you knuckleheads try ends up getting overturned or rebuked. I wish you guys would stop wasting everyone else’s time and trying to make us all like you.

  4. “I wish you guys would stop wasting everyone else’s time and trying to make us all like you.”


  5. OK, Toddo, you’re just fucking with us now, right? I mean, you know we all pretty much think you’re an idiot — a strangely likable idiot, like, say Mister Bean, but an idiot nonetheless. But when you post stuff like this I have to wonder if you are just trying to get attention. Is that it? Do you not get enough attention?

    Look; unlike many issues, this is really pretty simple. The government shouldn’t be sticking its long meddling nose into people’s undergarments in the first place. The Constitution was created to keep in check the inevitable inclinations of government to screw with people. The job of the Supreme Court, whether State or Federal, is to uphold the Constitution by determining if a governmental action is in line with it or not. It’s supposed to be the people’s last-resort protection from tyranny. So regardless of your personal view on, say homosexuality, the Court is supposed to consider of paramount importance the rights of the individual against the government, in order to maintain JUSTICE. And that is precisely what the California Supreme Court did.

    If the Colorado State DMV suddenly declared that all right-wing lunatics were to hand in their drivers’ licenses because they’re just too stupid to operate a dangerous motor vehicle, and someone took it to the State Supreme Court, which ruled against the state, I’m sure Todd would call THAT justice, since it meant he could drive his gas-guzzler back-and-forth to Wal-mart again. Right, Todd?

    * * *

  6. You guys are hilarious. All it takes is the mere presence of a differing viewpoint, and you go nuts. Name calling, knee-jerk, judgmental.

    Did I anywhere say that I was against gay marriage? Look it up. I just don’t see this as ‘justice.’ So sorry for seeing it another way. You guys are so hellbent on being right that you spin out of control at the drop of a flag. It’s like a race to see who can get to the the ‘different guy’ first. Sorry, none of you have.

    Step outside your comfort zone and see opinions in other parts of the country, not just your sole, myopic view from inside the most liberal state in the union (Felix, I believe this excludes you). I mean actually make an effort to see something other than the liberal Californicated viewpoint.

    Also, your blond/Colorado/driver’s license/whatever example is so far out of context that it’s laughable, but I see what you’re attempting to say.

    I ride a bicycle, and would wager good money that I am greener than all you lefties 😉

    Now if you want to talk in the scientific context with regard to gay marriage, you have a challenge there. My beliefs in the legality and justification for gay marriage have nothing to do with my scientific or religious viewpoints.

    Just settle down, fellas.

  7. Oh, almost forgot. Jimmy, you mentioned that the can of worms will soon be contained. It always happens this way when you don’t plan thoroughly. My assertion is that the pro-gay-marriage contingent should have that their poop grouped a little better than they did when they rushed into city hall to pass this law.

  8. This really is Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, isn’t it? Now he’s arguing my argument completely in opposition to his own. AND he suggests he’s really not opposed to gay marriage AT ALL, implying that any reluctance he might feel in supporting it surely isn’t of the “guys kissing makes me feel all oogie inside” variety. It’s SCIENTIFIC, you see. Like marriage.

    So come on, Toad, take a stand: are you opposed to homos getting married or not? If so, I’d love to hear you explain why without alluding to the oogie feelings I mentioned above. Also, I’m curious about the science of gay marriage. Does it resemble the science of interracial marriage that was cited to ban that back in our not-too-distant past?

    But with regards to the scattered poop that wasn’t properly grouped before rushing to pass a law, should I point out that in fact it was Toad’s team that rushed a poorly-thought-out law onto the books and THAT is what just got overturned? Nah… But I will suggest that Toad might think about getting his own poop together before trying to argue a point in the future. Even mine.

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