Posted by: Jim | May 21, 2008

Microsoft Does Something Very Right

I’m writing this blog post in a new application recently created by Microsoft called “OneNote.”

Anyone who has read this blog much knows that I’m no fan of Microsoft. I would give their Operating System a C-minus, I detest what they’ve done with PowerPoint and Visio. (Visio was great before Microsoft bought it, though.)

I’m also not a fan of Microsoft’s policies with dealing with oppressive practices among nations abroad (read: China). They want to buy Yahoo!, which is like Pol Pot sending candy hearts to Kim Jung Il.

But, I have to say that “OneNote” is truly truly apropos to how a fast-paced corporate manager needs to work. It’s harder to explain here than it would be worth, but in short, it’s an extremely intuitive way for a manager to organize 9,000 items throughout the day into files. It interfaces with other Microsoft applications extremely well.

Sorry for the boring, non-controversial post, but I’m so happy with OneNote I had to gush about it.



  1. Well, I don’t know anything about OneNote, but if it’s actually a good product from Microsoft, then it’s quite aptly named.

    * * *

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