Posted by: Jim | July 2, 2008

Jim’s Ten Commandments

It’s time to rewrite my old mission statement. This time I’m borrowing from “” and creating my own ten commandments. I’ve borrowed some of theirs, but most of these are mine:

Jim’s 10 Commandments 

  1. Strive to make the world a better place.
  2. Seek clarity, truth, and understanding.
  3. Refuse to accept anything unreasonable.
  4. Be skeptical of everything improbable.
  5. Let nature be your inspiration.
  6. Let science be your guide.
  7. Learn to expect little from others.
  8. Befriend the people who surpass your expectations.
  9. Rebel against anything that diminishes humanity.
  10. Have as much fun as possible.

Be the envy of the kids on your block! Write your own today!




  1. Words to live by, nice list.

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