Posted by: Jim | July 8, 2008

Maybe …

If it’s going to happen, it will happen soon.

I hope that I’m misunderstanding the ambitions of the current administration. But if my understanding is accurate, then we have a month or two, tops, before more American shit hits the global fan.

Maybe, the last 7.5 years of mismanagement, dismantling, power-grabbing, lying, and corruption have just programmed me to expect something that isn’t there. Maybe the President sees the obvious folly … to extend the violence further—either at home or abroad. Maybe he knows this. Maybe he can see that we’re tired of his ambitions. Maybe he sees that his vision has failed, and maybe he accepts this, and is willing to live out the last six months of his Presidency with quiet decorum.



  1. Yeah, and maybe Todd will win the Nobel Prize in Physics after discovering that what scientists call ‘dark matter’ is really just a kind of really spicy barbecue sauce, as prophesied in the Book of Daniel.

    * * *

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