Posted by: Jim | July 10, 2008

Tired … So Very Tired …

As we know, a person’s flaws can sometimes be what saves them. America has flaws, and one of them is that we are a very litigious people. We’ll sue you for anything, as long as it means the lawyers win. It’s horrible, but it’s part of the system that guarantees pain for transgressors. 

This flaw could have been what saved us when the White House decided to bypass the FISA initiative and start spying on us willy nilly. Some 40-odd lawsuits against Verizon and AT&T and the like were brewing, and were going to dole out some severe financial spankings. The Telcos, after all, were as culpable as the White House.  If President Bush himself were to knock on my door and tell me to shoot my neighbor, I would be guilty of murder no matter who told me to do it. Unless, of course, Prez Bush offered me immunity. 

And this is what he’s been pushing for.  He chose to ignore the law, he cajoled the Telcos into abetting his crimes, and now he has exercised his power in wiping the slate clean. 

(In a related note, Karl Rove decided he didn’t need to respond to a congressional subpoena. The theme is clear: BushCo is above the law.)

But all of this has been as predictable as the ending of a bad Summer Blockbuster. Bush is the bad guy. We know it. He knows it. No big news. “Yawn” as some might say. But just like a bad Hollywood formula, about two-thirds of the way through any pitched script you will find out …  that your friend is really your enemy.  [dun dun dunnnnn.]

The Democrats today voted to grant the Telcos immunity, cementing their footprints into the foundation of corruption that our government is now built upon.

Chief among them: Barak Obama.

Got Hope? Not anymore.



  1. I´ve followed this sage since it first broke.

    Seems that Obama feels that if a section of opinon tagged “the radical left” is vocal in its efforts to uphold the rule of law (and the law is clear on this, Bush broke the law, the telcoms broke the law) and defend the Constitution, then the safest (not the principled) position, is to not oppose it.

    Does anybody doubt that this flip-flop (Obama promsed a filibuster on this) is only because he is running for President. Yet, that is precisely WHY Obama has so much power right now, and could be bold, show some of his audacity, but no… Telcoms and Bush law-breaking are now signed into law (and we never even found out what the spying consisted of).

    A shame, and, as usual, another “See, I am right!” moment for Bri and anybody who feels that the closer they come to the levers of power, the more similar all politicians become…

  2. Sage? Read saga! Damn Mexican keyboard…

  3. But I really don’t wanna be right. I want to be completely mistaken about all of it. All those idiots who say things to me like ‘don’t be so negative’ — I want THEM to be right.

    But there’s good news. Since I gave up hope, I feel much better. We’re all just glorified monkeys throwing shit at each other anyway. This. Is. Spartaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

    * * *

  4. Yup, it’s just a question of who has the strongest arm, the thickest shit, the best aim, and the wildest ducks and weaves. Let the Games commence!

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