Posted by: Jim | July 20, 2008

fear politics



  1. It’s amazing how these days you can change the names from conservative to liberal and get the exact same result, except you have to throw in tax evasion 😉

  2. Todd’s fantasy that Republicans and Democrats share the same SOP continues unabated.

  3. “Alex Koppelman wrote about it immediately: Sarah Palin (or her handlers) posted a message on Facebook decrying the “death panels” she says – wrongly, bizarrely, viciously — Obama’s health care reform will establish. She also claimed such panels might well have ended the life of her son Trig, born with Down’s Syndrome.

    I can’t quite recall liberals resorting to doing this, or launching a movement based on denying that the President was born in the US, is a natural born citizen and some such.

    While the bought and paid for aspects of politicians is undeniable, there still exists a major difference in terms of the sorts of tactics and inflammatory rhetoric – (Obama=Hitler, Rush Limbaugh) that the right resorts to.

    I don’t have much love for the Dems either, and I know I’ve knocked down this canard from todd every time, pretty much, but it just bugs me as a matter of principle to see it voiced.


  4. Felix, you are one bitter man. I have yet to see you make an initial post or response that does not begin with sarcasm or a snide remark. I was merely having some fun. This is one of the reasons why Jim stopped blogging.

  5. Oh, Todd knows why Jim stopped blogging. You could take some responsibility for Jim’s stop, too, I’m sure reading your knuckle-headed comments brightened his day.

    However, I deign not to speak for Jim.

    Todd, you should study this diagram closely, it’s how you acquired all of your ‘own’ opinions.

    I’m also not bitter, but a snide remark is the natural response on my part to your continual idiocy.

    Just post an equivalent statement from a Democrat claiming that a govt policy would have killed their child. The reason I take umbrage is that, while most of the politicians in Congress and the Senate ARE indeed crooks, to say that both parties are equivalent is a dangerous nonsense, as on the Right there are a whole slew of religious nutballs, gun-worshipping, Obama birth-denying etc, anti-abortion, anti-gay, etc, bunch of policies and supporters of these policies. To look at that and then say somehow that Dems are advancing just as much hate, etc, well, pardon me for correcting you, Todd, it’s a very basic point I make, and if you were capable of reflecting on it, which isn’t hard, it’d become you more to acknowledge it, rather than reply with what you did.

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