Posted by: Jim | July 22, 2008

And Finally …

… the ultimate reason why it is so stupid to torture people.

The evidence gets banned in court.

So the bad guys get to go free.

Another brilliant policy brought to you by BushCo.



  1. Not only do the bad guys get to go free, but now they’ve been TORTURED. So even if they WEREN’T such bad guys to begin with, well, they will be now.

    Because, you see, when they used to say that 4 out of 5 dentists recommended sugarless gum, I always wondered what on Earth the fifth dentist was thinking. Until I realized that he was the SMART dentist. Not particularly ethical or nice, but smart — because he ensured himself a steady flow of cavity-infested patients. Dentist number five was making sure he always had a job.

    And the fear-mongers need a constant supply of enemies, right?

    * * *

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