Posted by: Jim | August 11, 2008

Zaca Lake

I just had one of the most sublime weekends I’ve had in years.

The Lake

The Lake

Alisa and I went up to a little-known getaway called Zaca Lake. It’s Northeast of Santa Barbara, above the little wine town of Los Olivos. Over the river and through the woods, and past 5 miles of dirt road that crosses five mountain streams (4-wheeling in my little Kia), we arrived.  (All photographs are by Alisa Newhouse, by the way.)







We had lots of encounters with nature. I saw a bald eagle, which was a thrill. Also, some other exotic birds that we were unable to identify, and are still looking up. A very pretty skunk, with its tail rigid and raised, and pointed right at us, was kind enough not to release itself upon us. We met a voyeuristic  frog in the shower (not photographed). 




The bear

The bear


A teenage Brown Bear played chicken with us in the road.






The guy

The guy


And then there’s me, the biggest animal of them all (the sign reads “SLOW”.)






The moon

The moon


Mondays are more difficult after a weekend like that.









The road

The road



  1. Beautiful! Glad you got away from it all. Keep it up!

  2. Wow. So very pretty. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Slacker.

    A real man would have brought his AK47 and gunned down that bear. Just ask Dick.

    * * *

  4. I can see why you wanted to hold on to the experience. It seems really beautiful and serene.

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