Posted by: Jim | August 22, 2008

One Nation Under Goddamit

Last Saturday, both Presidential candidates submitted themselves to an interview by Pastor Rick Warren, right here in Orange County, my backyard. For several hours, they pandered to Christians with answers that equate to meaningless rhetoric. The religious right gobbled it up like day-old donuts. It’s as if they ascribe actual meaning to the words that come out of politicians’ mouths. There is no message there people, only humor. 

But the fact is, by doing this interview, and turning it into a big brouhaha, it is now an extremely unfortunate precedent. Mark my words, every single presidential candidate will, in all future elections, be interviewed by the grand religious Poo-bah du jour.

When it comes to the interviews themselves, Rick Warren (in my limited perspective) seemed fair and balanced.   But it’s like saying that a chicken fight at a grammar school is fair and balanced when it shouldn’t be happening at all.

Both men submitted to this interview because they knew that it would be politically damaging not to. Frankly, that Obama was involved is yet another reason for me to suspect that this brilliant Democrat is, above all else, a survivor and not remarkable in the least. A better man would have said, “I’m sorry, but I decline your offer to be interviewed.” Then, after all the Christians aligned themselves against him claiming he cannot face his Lord and maker the almighty, he would have told them why. And here’s why:

Religion has no place in politics.

To quote Walter Sobjack, “Has the whole world gone crazy?” It seems the greatest failing of politicians in the last 8 years is the utter failure to understand the implications of their actions. Why are these men being asked questions that have nothing to do with their ability to lead this country. They had to explain why their souls were saved, for Christ’s sake.

Imagine how it would look to us if we were to peek into the election of the next Iranian President:

Al Jazeera: “Is the Imam sinless by nature?”
Abouzadeh: “Most definitely.”
Al Jazeera: “And do you have any animosity toward, say … Abu Bakr?”
Abouzadeh: “I wish for his bones to bleach beneath the desert sun–to be picked over by jackals.”
Al Jazeera: “Why?”
Abouzadeh: “His interpretation of the Prophet’s life is an inadequate representation, and should never have been done.
<mild, obligatory applause from the audience>

What would you think about Iran if you saw this? If you answered something akin to “What a bunch of bizarro morons–that has nothing to do with the skills required to lead a nation” you are correct! If you think “OK, he is fit to be my President” then I really hope you take ill on election day.

The Q&A debacle that happened last Saturday was no less ridiculous. We have become a nation of fools.



  1. Can’t these people just pray for the candidate they favour?

    Oh well, politicians will do anything to be elected and religious sonsofbitches will do anything to forward their agenda, it’s a marriage made in…

  2. “Religion has no place in politics.”

    We agree! This does not mean, however, that only atheists should run for office, but a candidate’s religious beliefs are moot (to me at least). I may not agree with the tenets of the Mormon religion, but I do not believe Romney, if asked to VP for McCain, would allow his beliefs to guide policy.

    When JFK was in office,the KKK was much more prominent, and Catholicism was at the top of their hate list. I don’t think the rest of the nation really cared. JFK beat Nixon, and I’m also certain it was not a Catholic vs. Quaker ticket…

    The only caveat I have is Islam. This religion has done nothing in my lifetime to show me that it is a peaceful and benevolent religion. If an Islamic candidate were to run, would you not guess that popular support would be dryer than the Gobi Desert?

    Felix: I’m not sure if you are stating that the right is the only side of the aisle which garners support from religious types? I know your orientation, so I’m asking out of general curiosity. Everyone has an agenda. If you are agnostic, atheist, or a Devil worshipper – you still have an agenda. It’s not just the right. Trust me, I don’t like the religious right myself. They’re pompous and self-righteous, but they are far too few in number to control what the Republican party does. The nature of politics checks and balances this sort of thing as pestilence and war has controlled population throughout history.

  3. Uh huh. The religious right has been controlling the Rebuttlickin party since Reagan, man. How do you breathe in there?

    Wake up.

    * * *

  4. “Felix: I’m not sure if you are stating that the right is the only side of the aisle which garners support from religious types?”

    Nope, I don’t like politicians from any part of the spectrum being beholden to religious figures of any particular type.

  5. An atheist would not run for office because he would not win the election because he would be subject to this kind of tripe. In a way, it’s religious oppression, but no one listens to an atheist when they whine. LOL

    Todd, I think your perspective on Islamism is skewed. That religion is just as fucked up as any other. It has its peaceful adherants and it’s not so peaceful ones. In our lifetimes, Islamism has had more chances to show it’s more brutish nature, but a few hundred years ago, the Catholic church used to make people sit on a revolving corkscrew until they repented. It’s all relative.

  6. (clap clap clap)
    Bravo on this discussion, guys.

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