Posted by: Jim | September 2, 2008

John McCain On Women:

John McCain at a fundraising dinner in Arizona a decade ago. “Do you know why Chelsea Clinton is so ugly?” he told a handful of big Republican funders. “Because Janet Reno is her father.”

Here’s Chelsae:










[Edited] I really shouldn’t stoop as low as McCain did by showing a picture of his wife and inviting comments. What was I thinking!?



  1. Nice. Drudging up the past with a personal attack.

    “Well, he did it first.”

    Come on, Jim.

  2. Yeah, it’s a pretty terrible thing to do, isn’t it? It indicates the lowest possible blow to make fun of how a family member of your opponent looks.

  3. Todd you are right–post edited.

  4. If anyone should edit themselves, it’s Toad. All you did was post a picture of McCain’s wife. Anything negative Toad ascribed to that came out of his own fevered little nubbin of a brain (and, yes, I know I’m giving him far too much credit when I say he has even a nubbin).

    I say put the picture back up and let Toad deal with his own prejudice.

  5. Well, in spite of how often I disagree with Todd politically, I realized he was right. If I am to criticize McCain for making the joke, I criticize myself for doing it too. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    However, three rights make a left.

  6. Ah, but you didn’t say Mrs. McCain is ugly. That was aaaaalllll in the reader’s mind.

  7. Heheh … and in the author’s!

  8. Cindy McCain has those thin lips that designate hate on a grand scale.

    Calls to mind WS Burroughs,

    “For decent church-goin’ women,
    with their mean, pinched, bitter,
    evil faces.”

  9. Wow, Felix. Judge much?

  10. …and Chuck. Please remove brain from jar before making such absurd statements.

  11. …and since the mob mentality rules here, I have decided to post my reponse to Jim about this post. I didn’t want to open the season on something so tabloid (which is what this post is about), but cest la vie.

    “Jeem, you have to admit – she is freakin’ HOT. A few of her facts were off during her speech, but the Dems are already running damage control. Headlines: Biden, others take to airwaves to counter Palin. Her speech was lights-out last night – Reaganesque, according to some critics. She scares the crap out of the left. While I do not agree with her on abortion issues and same-sex unions, I think she’d be more formidable as VP than Glenn Close was in Air Force One.

    Sorry for the somewhat curt comment on your last post. I just think shit like that is gratuitous and unneccessary. McCain already apologized to Clinton’s face, like a man. He really should’ve apologized to Reno as well – there’s no place for that in life, let alone politics. Cindy McCain is a fine woman, and you once again pandered to your audience by posting a current picture of Chelsea Clinton (she has improved in the looks department in ten years) and possibly the worst picture of Cindy McCain. She’s hot for her age, and good woman, as I’m sure Michelle Obama is, despite only recently becoming proud of her country. That’s not an insult, that’s a fact.”

    Keep it comin’.

  12. Actually Cindy McCain looks pretty good for the scum-sucking vulture that she is, especially when compared to the hideous Ann Coulter. Yikes. And while we’re being sexist, might as well admit that Sarah Palin looks better than either of them. But ya know what? Nothing is less attractive than a female Republican, which is by definition either a complete moron or a self-loathing whore. I’d sooner french kiss the frighteningly mannish Janet Reno than let eny part of my body anywhere near any of the above mentioned right-wing idiots who somehow labor under the absurd belief that the Republican Party has anything to offer women in general other than the 1950s quasi-Christian equivalent of the Muslim hijab. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — if you’re a self-absorbed, short-sighted rich white guy who wants to keep the slaves in check and the dividends flowing from your oil stocks regardless of the consequences to the the world at large, I get why you vote Republican. Anybody else who does is completely fucking retarded.

    And, come to think of it, since the douchebags who have hijacked the Republican Party are pretty much all about their own personal agendas and those of their backers (Big Oil, Zionists, Chinese bankers), I really can’t understand why ANY of you brainiacs can’t see the obvious. You should have nominated Ron Paul; he’s the only actual Conservative who even ran for the office. Instead, you want another Bush, which will be just as disatrous for YOU as it will be for the rest of us.


    * * *

  13. Todd, I wish I knew what you were on about.

    Plankton to Felix.

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