Posted by: Jim | September 9, 2008

Kim Jong-il dead since 2003?

Just when you think the world situation is weird … it gets weirder.

I’m not saying it’s true, I’m just saying … it could be true and it’s an entertaining thought nevertheless.

Lots of news is starting to bubble up that a Japanese expert is claiming that Kim Jong-il, illustrious leader of North Korea, has actually been dead since 2003, and that the world has been dealing with various impersonators who were apparently being told what to say by a shadow government.

You won’t find this in any US news sources, and there are two good reasons why:

  1. It may be complete hogwash.
  2. If it is true, then we’ve been negotiating quite seriously with some dude who probably worked in factory until someone looked at him and said “hey, doesn’t he bear a striking resemblance to … ”


If #2 Is correct, then the US might be inclined to be embarrassed for having negotiated with a fraud all these years. But we shouldn’t be embarrassed. North Korea should be embarrassed. 


There’s a reason I’m a news junkie … it doesn’t get any better than this.



  1. Not sure what difference it makes. OK, so OUR shadow government and its lapdog figureheads has been dealing with THEIR shadow government and its lapdog figurehead. Hmmm…aside from the tabloid value of the old ‘impersonated dead leader’ schtick, where is the news here, really?

    As far as I’m concerned, they’re ALL really just animatronic figures that SkyNet uses to keep us all distracted. John McCain just happens to be one of the really old crappy models from the ‘Great Moments with Mister Lincoln’ exhibit, and Kim Jong Il was assembled using parts from ‘It’s a Small World’ and the Tiki Room, with hair left over from the Country Bear Jamboree.

    Dick Cheney came straight from the Haunted Mansion, and they didn’t even have to add any lifelike details.

    * * *

  2. Jim – I read this first in South China Morning Post while in Hong Kong last week.

    Their feature is comprehensive and also contains the gem that “In early 2006, an American spy satellite managed to take high-resolution images of Mr Kim, and analysts ascertained that he had grown 2.5 cm during the previous three years.”


  3. Are they supposed to be different in the photos? They look the same to me. Not just the face, but the hand structure.

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