Posted by: Jim | September 12, 2008

To the IT Consultant from Houston who I gave a ride to the airport in San Jose three years ago. In the car you were bemoaning how all the Katrina victims in the Superdome were being moved to the Astrodome, and how that was going to “ruin Houston” because they were mostly black people, and you feared they would stay.

Well the hurricane is upon you this time. How do you feel now, bitch?



  1. Uh, hate to break it to the guy, but it is impossible to ‘ruin’ a shithole such as Houston. But then, being a Big Oil town, it seems only fitting that the effects of climate change would rain down upon it. Almost makes me believe in Gawd — or at least Karma.

    Must be all dem gays — yeah, dat’s it. All da Gulf Coast gays.

    I just feel sorry for all the poor fuckers who escaped New Orleans and settled in Pukeston, only to now face another one of tha Lawd Jeebus’ temper tantrums.

    * * *

  2. Babylon has been destroyed in the last seven years. And now Houston, my God…

    How could that city’s great historical treasures, such as its Astrodome, ever be rebuilt…

    Hmm, this would be a discussion question, but other than New York and the particular character of New Orleans, is there really a city in the US that possesses anything to compare with Rome, Paris, London. Somehow I never found anywhere that quite possessed a soul, an identity, yes, for sure, loud, brazen, and plastered everywhere, but no soul.

    What capped it for me was Memphis public television and locals nostalgic for closed-down Shoneys where they used to neck on a weekend, along with ‘antiques’ shows that only featured old barrels and faded baseball shirts.

    But who knows, Jim, Bri, Chuck, where’s the places with some true character? Maybe SF…?

  3. Felix, ya gotta visit San Fran.

    Barcelona it ain’t, but it’s pretty damn close. We really should secede from the Union, but then we’d risk getting bombed.

    * * *

  4. SF it is, but I have to warn you, I seem to be some kind of earthquake magnet lately.

  5. I agree … SF is probably the best city in the US, with the possible exception of NY, but I haven’t been there much.

    Let me know when you go to SF and I’ll see if I can show up.

  6. Earthquakes? We eat them for breakfast. Most of ’em cause little if any damage, and they last like two seconds. I’ve lived through a bunch of teeny ones but only a couple of BIG ones in my forty-plus years, and I’ll take ’em over hurricanes any day of the week. My folks made the stupifyingly brilliant move to the Gulf Coast a few years back, and, well, if you like to live on the edge but the Hell’s Angels won’t take ya, go live down there, where pretty much every year at least one town gets flattened and drowned. And it’s getting worse. No thanks.

    Oh, and on another note, New York is a great city but it’s too cold and gross and annoying in the winter, and too hot and stinky and annoying in the summer. Same goes for Boston. I kinda wish I’d lived in both places in my twenties just for the experience, but nowadays it would just piss me off and wear me out. So here I am.

    * * *

  7. For “True Character,” any Waffle House anywhere will always have a special place in my heart.

  8. Yay for Waffle house — especially the ones that are across the street from each other. And I bet Starbucks thought they invented that idea.

    I personally wouldn’t say that Waffle House had a special place in my heart, but they did once occupy a very painful place in my lower intestine. Right next to Denny’s. The colonoscopy nurse was rather startled to see both signs all lit up like that, as if my colon were Route 66. Since then I’ve been a bit more careful where I eat.

    * * *

  9. Ha, are you guys mind-readers?

    Waffle House has a special place in my heart due to the time I was in Chattanooga and kept hearing a regular whistling as our waitress buzzed about us. I got a super-ice-cold shiver when I saw the noise was coming through her little tracheotomy tube each time she exhaled.

    Waffles didn’t taste too good thinking about that.

    The Waffle Houses in Georgia play the best damn music. All hail!

  10. And you thought the ‘Chattanooga Choo-Choo’ was a train.

    I’ll bet it got awful quiet in there when she went out for her smoke breaks.

    * * *

  11. Felix, I have some late-breaking news for ya. Babylon was a wreck before we got there. You make it sound like we went over and pooped in the Garden of Eden. Come on, dude. I know you’re smarter than that.

  12. Todd, I have some late-breaking news for ya.

    “Babylon has been destroyed in the last seven years. And now Houston, my God…”

    This apparently equates with saying “we went over and pooped in the Garden of Eden.”

    No firm grasp of reason, but dude, I know you’re not a lot smarter than that.

  13. Todd: PWNED

  14. “Uh, hate to break it to the guy, but it is impossible to ‘ruin’ a shithole such as Houston. But then, being a Big Oil town, it seems only fitting that the effects of climate change would rain down upon it.”

    Bri… please explain what mechanisms of “climate change” caused a hurricane to strike one of the most hurricane-prone regions of the world, during the peak of hurricane season.

    Are you implying that Ike would not have occurred if it were not for human green-house gasses?

  15. Not implying that at all. But do some research. I’m no scientist but I can read, and I do a hell of a lot of it. Houston hadn’t had a devastating hurricane in close to 70 years before this. Hurricanes have been rapidly increasing in number and severity over the past decade. Is that due to the Wrath Of God? I dunno. Maybe. After all, I don’t doubt that if there WERE a God, he wouldn’t be all that happy with what a certain Texas wannabe-cowboy has been perpetrating in His name lately. But that’s beside the point. Want to know the link between man-made climate change and the recent alarming trends in tropical storm severity? It’s not hard to find, man. You’re on the web; look it up. It’ll take you about 2 minutes. The link isn’t generally all that controversial among scientists, who generally have come to accept it as fact. It’s only controversial among the ignorant and the partisan.

    I find it fascinating that some moronic preacher can spew a bunch of crap that New Orleans got hit because of some perceived ‘immorality’ and all the lemmings nod their heads — but blame it on a scientifically accepted explanation, and suddenly all the self-proclaimed geniuses get all quasi-‘rational’, wanting to see absolute proof, even though they will never believe it no matter how much evidence you provide — because they’re too easily manipulated by corporate interests that would rather not have to accept responsibility for their actions.

    Am I specifically referring to YOU, Tommy? Maybe not. I’m responding in more of a general, rather than personal way — but you asked the question…

    * * *

  16. Felix, if you are quoting from another article, my apologies. I thought it was you stating such, in which case I interpreted your comments accurately. Also, when you counter-retort, reusing my words softens the effect you were going for.

    Bri, if that’s being pwned, then… Wait WTF is pwned? If you meant ‘owned,’ then…wait, WHAT?

  17. Todd: regarding ‘pwned’ — again, look it up. Your keyboard is right in front of you.

    * * *

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