Posted by: Jim | September 18, 2008

Da Rules Change

Regarding this blog: no more rules. All comments will henceforth be uncensored. I’ve had this blog for almost five years, and I’ve reinvented it once. This will be the second time. Live and learn.

I’m going back to free-for-all style commenting.

Rest assured, however, that I will continue pontificating in the usual manner.



  1. Ssssshhhhhhh!!!!! Be vewwy, vewwy quiet; I’m hunting *Toads*! heheheheheheh

  2. Ah, excellent, can I just tell everybody to piss off?

    Piss off.


  3. HA!
    very nice!
    now we all get to sink and/or swim on our own!!

    thanks for maintaining the puddle!!

    now, what deep pondering will we hear from you next???????????

  4. Hey fuck you, you muthafuckin commie.

    Just wait, YOU just wait till I seize power, and I will throw you ass in the Patriot Camp.

    “Waa waa! Bu$hitler saz I can’t murder my child and says leftists want to nationalize the mortgage and savings and loan industry!”

    When the wrath of God falls upon ye and your leftist cronies, you will pray for death, and we will deliver.

    We first considered a bio-attack on San Francisco and New York city, but the homos are already taking care of that.

    Now instead we of the RIGHT-wing will consolidate power, and just simply round-up the heathen Liberals, and make a giant compost pile out of them after they are exterminated.

    What we have in mind comes close to a perpetual-motion machine, but not quite.

    We will round up a couple of million Liberals, then liquidate them. We will then use the methane from the rotting corpses, who used to be worthless Liberals, to power ovens that will be used cleanse the rest of America.

    The Negros and Hispanics will fall in line or be used to feed the furnace.

    We will also launch a massive nuclear strike against both China and Russia. Yes we can!

    Yes. We can.

    Write-in Venjanz (Tommy Masterson) for President this November, and by God, I will set the world straight!

  5. Hey Tommy it’s Sunday morning …. shouldn’t you be in church?


  6. Hey Tommy: drink caffeine much?

    * * *

  7. Jim, I never knew you censored except for that one recent post. If you have been censoring more, well then, I have lost some respect for you. That’s your sacred cow, man. You boycotted Yahoo! because of China’s censorship practices, and while no one will ever be jailed from posting on TMOTM, it’s still censorship. That’s hypocrisy at its best. Sorry, calling it like it is. Thanks for changing your position – it proves that SOMEone on this blog can do so. Well, besides me. Example of positions I’ve changed on: Same-sex marriage, censorship, health care.

  8. I censored based on what the rules used to be. When people made comments that included no content whatsoever but a personal attack, I deleted them. Sometimes I informed the author; sometimes it wasn’t even necessary.

    Usually they were attacking you Todd. And now I’ve lost your respect. Oh shit, what am I going to do.


    * * *

  10. Jim has lost Toad’s respect. Win!!!

    The real question: what was he doing wrong to have gained it in the first place?

  11. Hmm.

    Censorship is a different practice to moderating. Censorship implies removing only those views that do not coincide with one’s own position, allowing to stand that which does, regardless of its tone, its accuracy. In contrast, to moderate is to judge messages solely on their substance (or lack of it) and to act to maintain a forum that is not solely concerned with slinging mud.

    I am one of those people who have had my posts removed by Jim, always for attacking Todd. I don’t take umbrage at this, as if Jim has drawn a line and I have stepped over it, that’s okay, as Jim may do as he pleases with his small site and I am free to join other sites.

    On my site, I am much less public-spirited than Jim and instead make use of my Admin power to simply rewrite negative comments as equally being attacks on their authors. I also route abusive comments back to the posters, if possible. In one famous instance on Extreme Unction, a comment was so inflammatory that the poster’s boss and co-workers were all emailed copies for their perusal.

    Different approaches, but within an arrangement where each site formulates its own rules and enforces them with more or less vigour and people are free to move between them.

    “If you don’t like it, leave…”

    Seems fair enough to me.

  12. “In one famous instance on Extreme Unction, a comment was so inflammatory that the poster’s boss and co-workers were all emailed copies for their perusal.”

    I already liked you, Felix. But now I feel something stirring deep inside me. I think it might be love. I don’t have a ‘wide stance’ as the Republicrites call it, so alas, it can never be. But you have moved me, and I will never forget this moment. 😉

    * * *

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