Posted by: Jim | November 4, 2008

Well That was … Interesting

My blog got 2200 hits in 24 hours … and mostly from Christians.

Thanks to Bri, Churk, and King Felix for helping me keep up with the debate. How ironic is it that four straight guys were fighting tooth and nail to defend gay marriage?

And now Obama is President-elect.

Is this the Twilight Zone?



  1. Twilight Zone? I dunno. It is, however, a new day in America. Maybe now we can start getting back to what we used to stand for.

    After all that chatter on Prop 8, I’m sad to see that the early returns look like it’s passing.

  2. Make it five straight guys, Jim. Just because we’re straight doesn’t mean we’re closed-minded.

    BTW, how can you tell they are all Christians? Is there a WordPress widget for that 😉

    I did not vote Obama, but one thing I learned in the service of my country – no matter who sits in the office of the President, you support them and as John McCain said, you give them your goodwill. Obama and I differ on many points on the curve, but I give him his fair chance and he has my support.

    Peace out.

  3. It was our Alamo! Beating back the hordes! Oh, for a return to simply pouring buckets of hot tar from the ramparts on your adversaries below.

  4. Yeah, the Prop 8 thing is rather disappointing; I guess my state isn’t as Liberal as all the yakovs out there like to think it is. But I doubt the thing will stand for long; there will be lawsuits galore, and it will reach the US Supreme Court, which has already ruled against discrimination of gays in other cases. So though I’ll be ashamed of California if the proposition passes (as it looks like it will as of this writing), I’m not worried about it having legs — or setting any lasting precedents that will hurt my gay friends. The arc of history IS bending toward justice.

    And speaking of which, I gotta say it:


    * * *

  5. Todd, I can tell they were Christians because they all found my blog by doing a search against the words “California Christian Voter’s Guide.”

    Last minute people who didn’t know how to vote, so they just reached out for some Christian website to tell them. Most of them STILL think I’m a Christian. This is a case of the bald leading the blind.

  6. Jim: flawed assumption. I googled “california christian voter guide” specifically looking for irony. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  7. I was just ribbin’ ya, Jimmy. At least people find your blog. when I was blogging, I only had dead people and domesticated animals hitting my site. LOL

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