Posted by: Jim | December 7, 2008

Get Your Kicks on Route 66 — as long as it involves religion


The above billboard lasted only a few days here in Southern California–posted along route 66–before the city received 90 complaints. Apparently the city pressured the General Outdoor Sign company to take the offensive message down–which they did.

So now the City of Rancho Cucamonga is being sued. If they did pressure the sign company to have it removed, then they deserve it. The Freedom from Religion Foundation (linked on the right) is rightfully targeting the city, and not the Billboard company. After all, a private company has the right to choose what messages it displays. A city government, however, has no right to censor the message. If it were a religious message in a non-religious town, they would have no right to censor that either.

Why is the message of “no religion” so offensive to people that they can’t even allow the concept to exist in public?



  1. Why is “In God We Trust” so offensive? If someone chooses not to trust God, that is their business. It makes the money in an atheist’s wallet worth no more or no less than my money. If it is the part of the Pledge of Allegiance you don’t like, leave that part out. I’m not trying to make you believe in what I do, and I know signs like this aren’t trying to undermine my beliefs. I disagree with those who tell you that you are going to Hell because of your views. Why would it matter to you? You don’t believe in Hell.

    All I’m saying is I am sick and tired of lawsuits regardless of where they originate. The most I’ll ever do is disagree with you, but I’ll never file a lawsuit over a freakin’ billboard unless you put it up in my church.

  2. Let’s put “Hail Satan” on the greenback and see what you think then.

  3. Exhausted, she pulled her car into a dark corner of the Wal-Mart parking lot, selecting a spot in the shadow of a big black pickup. The rain had stopped, and a few employees were heading home, but no one seemed to notice her. She laid her head back on the seat she scanned the area. A black billboard over the cross-town freeway proclaimed in bold white letters… “Don’t make me come down there.” God

    She laughed her ass off.

  4. The sign encourages people to use their imagination – hence, it offends religious types.


  5. Todd, “In God We Trust” is extremely offensive because it is on our US Currency, which is in contradiction to the First Amendmenet of the Constitution. The message purports a theistic government–that our government trusts in God. And it’s bullshit! Saying that our government trusts in god is another way to dumb down your populace and say “Hey, everything we do is in God’s hands anyway, so pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” I don’t WANT them to trust in God. I want them to trust in reason and science, which are much more reliable and much less relative.

    Todd, I know YOU are not trying to make me believe as you do, but to have these messages in our currency (or our pledge of allegiance) is a very direct social pressure on children and the weak-willed to believe a certain way. It isn’t right, and suing is the only legal recourse that we have. What other method of persuasion would you recommend we use?

  6. It shouldn’t matter what’s printed on U.S. currency so as long as it spends the same. You’re squabling over ignorance.

    I agree, the city should be sued. We have the freedom of religion and the freedom from religion.

  7. I have lived in and around Rancho Cucamonga for over thirty years and have never known it to be particularly “Christian” or religious in any discernible way. It saddens me to think that what was probably one or two people complaining ninety times could have any effect on freedom of speech.

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