Posted by: Jim | December 15, 2008

Santa Vs. God

This was created by Daniel Florian over at “Unreasonable Faith.” Made me laugh, so here you go …




  1. Countless numbers persecuted and killed in his name?

    I think Santa is a more positive fiction, although the elves remain to be unionized.

  2. In regards to people being killed in the name of God:

  3. The gist of Ted’s response is: Well, yeah, people have been killed in God’s name — but it’s not really all that many when you look at the statistics.

  4. Indeed. Once again, the non-relativist Christian comes up with a relativist argument.

    By contrast, I have not murdered anybody, nor associated myself with those who have (I belong to no organisations, never have).

    Maybe this is why Christians need to pray more than I do, because I do not subscribe to a set of beliefs soaked in the blood of millions.

  5. Are you not Americans? Are you not humans? For sure you are part of a greater whole that has killed others for gain of ideals or profits or beliefs.

  6. churk,

    Poeple have been killed in a lot of names. It’s not about statistics. It’s about people. If you are a democrat or a republican or a Greenpeace member there are those that have killed in that name.

    The teachings of Jesus say that you should not kill and that even thoughts of murder are sin. The fact that some who claim to be Christians kill does not mean that the teachings of Jesus are invalid.

  7. Ted,

    So maybe National Socialism is valid too, even though there was the whole holocaust thing, right?

    What you are saying is logical and proposterous simultaneously. Jesus himself said “You know a tree by its fruits.” When the fig tree did not produce figs, he cursed it and it withered. Christianity in the New Testament is socialist, peaceful, and liberal. Today’s Christians are anti-socialist, warmongerers, and conservatives. If Jesus were only here ……

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