Posted by: Jim | December 19, 2008

Obama Disappoints

obama-crossWe all knew this day would come: the day our gleeful smiles are smacked right off our face by the abusive parent known as harsh reality. Obama is a politician–a newbie politician.


That was made painfully evident yesterday when Obama chose Pastor Rick Warren to give a prayer at his inauguration. He either did this to glad-hand the fools and rubes who will interpret this as some glimmer of hope that Obama seeks God’s guidance in his leadership (which I highly doubt), or he did it because Warren is his pal, and he thought—eh, why not? If it’s the latter, then Obama forgets that in Washington, no one is a person and everyone is a symbol for something greater than they are. In this case, Rick Warren is a symbol for the anti-abortion movement and anti-gay rights movement.


I certainly hope that Obama does not assume that the “Yes on Prop 8” people represent his base. Unless I’m mistaken, everyone I know who voted for Obama would be unhappy with this choice (were I to ask them). He could have picked a myriad of other religious people to offer fluffy words to an entity that doesn’t exist, but he picked Rick Warren. Bad move.


Clearly Obama is unaware of the study that prayer actually has a negative effect on its subjects. Another newbie mistake.



  1. I’m willing to bet that Obama doesn’t want to be known as the first President to be sworn in without a prayer. Remember, he *is* a Christian man. With the way the media blows things entirely out of proportion (on all sides, mind you), this would vilify him beyond belief.

    I’d be willing to further that wager by saying he has never thought twice about it.

    I don’t care who he chooses to lead the prayer. To be quite frank, I don’t care if he features a prayer or not at his party. Doesn’t affect me one iota.

  2. If you are the president of the United States of America, and you represent all of the people, then you would have to know that Rick Warren represents a lot of his citizens even though it may not represent the majority of his constituency.

    Now that Obama is elected, he is our president whether you voted for him or not. He professes to be a Christian and a man of God, does he not? Regardless of that fact, he is the leader of a complex citizenry.

    It seems that some secular humanists are so against religion (even though they themselves say that they have faith) that it is not enough for them to just disagree and get along. They want to extricate the idea of religion from society even though their brothers and sisters and neighbors may adhere to these beliefs.

    Persecution is not far away.

  3. Please read this:

    Do you agree that we do not have to see eye to eye to walk hand in hand?

  4. Ted,


    Nothing I’ve suggested comes anywhere close to persecution. However, the Christian agenda (a’ la Prop 8,) does.

    So who is the real danger here? The crazy blogger who is decrying the unconstitutional preemenence of religion in our government, or the gigantic religious force of blind adherents who are actively and successfully oppressing 7% of our society?

    I would be interested in walking hand-in-hand with Christians if they were actually capable of it. But they’re not.

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