Posted by: Jim | December 22, 2008

An Open Letter to Gretchen Carlson and Michelle Malkin

Gretchen and Michelle,


Thank you for your revealing story on “Fox & Friends” on December 18th.




I am an atheist, and I have to say, your pinchy-faced disapproval of me is not only ineffective, it’s hilarious too! Your narrow-mindedness prevents you from seeing how stupid you appear, so I will attempt to explain it to you.


Gretchen: “Oh yeah, you’re an atheist but let’s use one of the Ten Commandments to prove your point.”


Well Gretchen, perhaps one of our points is that Christians are hypocritical. So, you see, for a Christian who presumably stole the atheist sign would be breaking one of the Ten Commandments and would therefore be hypocritical. Do you understand now? I bet you thought you were being clever when you delivered that line, but you might as well have been saying “I don’t know what I’m doing. I should have satisfied myself with being a fading beauty queen, and I’m not qualified to be a journalist—not even for FOX.”


And poor Michelle Malkin is getting “Christmas Wars fatigue,” but proceeds to call atheists “Trolls” and recommends that we be “mocked.” If you don’t want war, you shouldn’t use fighting words.


Michelle: “This is identity politics run amuck. Now atheists need their 15 minutes of fame?”


So the issue wasn’t that the atheist sign was stolen, now the issue is that we were allowed to put up a sign at all. Michelle, when identity politics ran amuck was when Christians were allowed to display their religious iconography in a Government building. That, Michelle, is why the atheists did what they did. Your cerebellum is crammed so tightly into that narrow cranium of yours that you failed to grasp this. Now you present atheists in your cutesy report as attention-seekers who are just there to spoil everyone’s fun … but you’re so tired of all the “Christmas War.” It’s on, Michelle!


Michelle: “Some of my best friends are atheists.”


Well Michelle, they might be YOUR best friends, but I bet YOU are not THEIR best friend. Why would you be? You believe that they are making fools of themselves by pointing out that you believe in fairy tales. You believe they are “trolls” who should be mocked. You, however, are in a position of power, so these atheist “best friends” of yours probably smile and nod, granting you passive tolerance while secretly mocking you under their breath.


Then Gretchen hit the nail on the head. She said, “If you let them do that, then over time they will have the control. If you don’t stand up and fight for it—it might just disappear! (I’m talking about Christianity.)” That really is what you fear, isn’t it Gretchen? While you should be fearing your own poor sentence construction, you instead fear that your fables will disappear! But you needn’t fear this. Since when did reason and virtue win out over fear and superstition? Never. You represent an entire news network with more power than Jesus himself ever had, and yet you seem deathly afraid of a few “trolls” with what you think are wacky and vain ideas. Shakespeare said it best, “methinks the lady doth protest too much.” Your panic betrays your insecurity. Even the most passionate defense will not make your fables true, Gretch.


According to Michelle we are trying to undermine civility and peace, while the Christian flag-bearers are trampling over the rights of homosexuals. Mmmmkay.


I’m hope both of you are getting your fair share of negative feedback for that story. But that horse won’t be dead for awhile. Consider this my whack.



  1. Jim,

    Lots of passion in there.

    I haven’t heard her report, but your description of it sure does seem hypocritical. It seems there is no shortage of hypocrisy in the world. People are hypocritical. All types of people. I’m not defending her in anyway, I’m just pointing out that its very easy to yell and scream and have a tirade about pointing out someone elses hypocrisy, but in the end its silly to do that because whomever does this will most certainly be hypocritical in the future.

    This explains another side of the issue. I guess the items on the sign were mocking the religious beliefs of others.

    Is it a possibility that these atheists were being hypocritical by saying that people shouldn’t post these things about a minority group, but that it’s okay to post them if it is a group that they don’t agree with?

    How do you feel about the Christian churches that have homosexual pastors and embrace homosexuality?

    Not all Christian flag bearers are trampling on the rights of homosexuals. There are homosexuals who are Christian, did you know this?

  2. Ted, the link you posted has this quote: “… the 1st Amendment also guarantees our constitutional right to carry on our nation’s religious culture and traditions and we should be able to do so without petty harassment.”

    I find it strange that a conservative would interpret the Constitution so liberally. In fact, it’s such a liberal interpretation that he’s making things up out of thin air. The first amendment says there Congress shall enact no law that establishes a NATIONAL RELIGION. So there isn’t one! And furthermore, our government should respect the spirit of this law by remaining neutral toward religion. But they don’t, and that is why it must be fought against. .

    Ted, please read up on this and find out what the sign said. It wasn’t mocking in nature–although it might have been offensive to people who cling to fables–just as the nativity scene in a government building is offensive to those of us who feel that Christianity is a blight on our nation. The point of the sign (I’m repeating myself here) is that BECAUSE of the first amendment, there should be NO religious iconography in a government building! Do you understand this fact Ted? So if they put religious iconography in a government building, they are violating the first amendment. If the atheists are guilty of anthing, they are guilty of trying to be subtle with a dense populace. They should have just filed a lawsuit to have the kresh taken down. It seems that is the only thing that people can understand. Of course they would gripe about that too, I’m sure.

  3. Oh and in regard to your other questions:

    I’m not sure why you’re asking, but “How do you feel about the Christian churches that have homosexual pastors and embrace homosexuality?”

    I’m glad they are open-minded enough to do this, but I wish they would open their minds further to realize they are rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

    “Not all Christian flag bearers are trampling on the rights of homosexuals. There are homosexuals who are Christian, did you know this?”

    True Ted. But I will not speak of the whole on the basis of a few rare exceptions.

  4. Jim,

    If the 1st amendment says that there should be no establishment of a national religion, how is having “religious iconography in a government building” violating this? It’s ridiculous. Having the ten commandments on a wall does not establish a national religion. America is founded on the ideal that the melting pot of ideas is a good one. We can take and borrow from all sorts of religious references if we agree with the interpretation of the document in hand. I mean that if someone thinks that the 10 commandments is a good policy, they can post it on a wall. The 1st amendment does not state that there is freedom FROM all forms of religion in public or government property.

    In regards of your other subject of the Atheists signs not being offensive:

    From this site I can read that it says “At this season of THE WINTER SOLSTICE may reason prevail. There are no gods. no devils. no angels. no heaven or hell. There is only our natural world. Religion is but myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds.”

    There is no human compassion or sympathy here (I know that there wasn’t necessarily supposed to be).
    There is rudeness and elitism at it’s best. If the atheistic view is so omnipotent and it KNOWS reality as it truly is, then we should all be grateful for such messages to enlighten us dumb religious folk. We should turn away from our beliefs and celebrate the winter solstice (which the previous article shows to be a pagan religious holiday with many gods.) and soften our hearts and free our minds in the process!

    You are being good atheistic missionaries! How’s that for irony?

    I think it’s rude for anyone to stomp on another’s belief system! RUDE and disrespectful and aggressive. It’s one thing to have a different point of view and to talk about it and learn the beauty of our differences and it’s another to belittle the followers of another worldview.

    Don’t you see how condescending the sign is? Is that really a way for them to get their jollies or to make their point?

    To each his own I suppose. That doesn’t seem like the way to peace and tolerance to me.

  5. Jim,

    It appears that you think that Christianity is a sinking ship, with your reference to homosexual pastors rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

    I will be the first to state that although you may laugh now, Christianity is not dead and will never die.

    If you or other people like you want to persecute us to the point of holocaust, the world will not stand for it. Just as the Jews and Judaism are not dead after the holocaust, so it will be with Christians. We’ve been fed to the lions before. We’ve been attacked before.

  6. Timmybillybob, are you Ted?

    No Christians were harmed in the making of this blog.

  7. “I think it’s rude for anyone to stomp on another’s belief system!” From a Christian, from the mouth of babes… Take down your crosses, young man, take down your visual stomping on the environment others live in.

  8. Actually, this idiot moans about being condescending with regards to ultimate truth, then proclaims that the influence of the Nazarene will last forever and he will be the first (oh, really?) to state this…

  9. Oh, and note to Jim, why not edit the Recent Comments spigot and blow it up to last 10 comments, it’s getting swamped

  10. Timmybillybob’s a little too well-spoken to be Ted. I think Ted called in his version of the big guns. Sadly, they’re shooting blanks.

  11. kingfelix,
    I’m not claiming ultimate truth. I believe that it is, but I am not demanding that or throwing my Bible at you or anyone.

  12. Didn’t mean to be two people. Accident.

  13. “I will be the first to state that although you may laugh now, Christianity is not dead and will never die. ”

    Well, no, your claiming the Ultimate Fiction of your religious beliefs will last forever. My mistake.

  14. Christianity is bigger than what I say, it is bigger than what you say. It has remained and has influenced people and nations. The Jewish leaders at the time of Jesus said that if it was from God it will not go away, and if it wasn’t, it would disappear quickly. Time will tell.

  15. Hmmm, there are still cannibals with us, and that’s from the dawn of time, just as people have always venerated gods, long before the Jews appeared. I will take it under advisement.

  16. Homosexuality’s been around even longer than Christianity. That must mean it’s from God — wonder when his followers are going to stop fighting it?

  17. Ted, there were lots of Zoroastrians who believed that the tenets of Zoro would last forever.

    Same with the god NgNgthau, and Ishtar, and Anubis, and Apollo, and … where are their worshippers now? They all believed as fervently and as sincerely as you do. We’re talking WAY more people than ever believed in Christ. All misguided humans who believed (and gave their lives for) gods who no one worships anymore.

    So yes … you will be among them one day. Not in our lifetimes, so you won’t have to suffer the embarassment, but someday …

  18. Kingfelix, I only see five comments on the “Recent comments” section on the right. Maybe it’s a personal setting?

  19. It’s so silly to argue. Really, of course time will tell. Obviously there were other religions that died out.

    According to my faith, I won’t have to suffer any embarrassment. I’ll know as soon as I die if it was true. If it is true, then praise be to God! If it as you say, then I won’t know the difference anyway. I really have nothing to lose. You, on the other hand, have a lot to lose if you are wrong and Jesus is right. You would have spent a lifetime ridiculing him and his followers and earnestly going against him. It is my belief that he knows your hearts as individuals, and if there is a mustard seed of faith in you, he will find it joyfully.

  20. Jim, yup I see five comments, my point is to edit your Word Press settings and increase the number to 10 or more, as there’s comment action going on across your posts and is hard to track where the action is.

    Ted, what are you on about. Pascal’s Wager, etc. You have just as much to lose if it’s Allah instead of your Yahweh, if it boils down to needing a lottery ticket and if you didn’t buy one you’re certain to lose, then so what. What kind of divine being ever organised a lottery. No, wait, that’s man’s doing, or the Devil, etc, the point is, it’s all Manichean nonsense, a Christian can always allocate the things they don’t like to one of these evil forces from the outside.

    Please don’t attribute anything that your God will do to what is in my heart, you piece of shit, I don’t know by what right you think you say such things, but to consider yourself to have the right to start delving into the inner sanctum of somebody you know nothing of, who wants nothing of you and your God, in the name of Jesus Christ, show some respect and stop thinking that the world is something that is yours, that any afterlife is something that is yours, etc, and that you’ll enfold disbelievers alike into the Grand Fiction that you follow.

    I denounce you, Ted. Keep your God. Keep your comments about what is inside me to your stupid self.

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