Posted by: Jim | December 25, 2008

Creepy Things People Google

Someone found my site by Googling the following “bible code finds message about obamas asassination”

So … someone thinks that God put a secret message in the Bible prophesying that Obama will be assassinated. What would be the point? Luckily, that internet surfer was taken to my post on the subject here.

Here’s a code for ya: !amabO evil gnoL



  1. Jim, I think your code is a form of back masking and we all know that that is inspired by Satan! : )

  2. Mr. Former Fundie! Welcome! I found your blog via Facebook — we are soul brothers. Except there is no such thing as the soul. Y’know.

  3. seek and ye shall find

    clearly some Christian wish fulfilment for the Yuletide

  4. Hey, I just found it hidden in plain sight, they’re going to burn Bush (it’s a miracle)

  5. Jim, you soulless scallop! Hey, what about that Rabin code that was discovered before the assassination occurred (and it did!)? The Bible Code is the most interesting combination of science and theology I can think of. Not sure if I believe it, but it sure is thought-provoking.

    BTW, I think I cracked your code 😉

  6. Hey there, Jim. Yes, my brother, we share a common heritage. : )

    So glad that we have a new heritage to share!

    Scott, The Former Fundie

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