Posted by: Jim | January 21, 2009

Obama’s Day of Prayer


Nothing illustrates my feelings toward prayer better than this video


Start watching at about :53 seconds in. The Reverend Otis Moss Jr. prays in such a way that it sounds like a Vincent Price narration on the B-roll of a 1950’s horror movie.


Nothing is more pretentious and self-aggrandizing than a Reverend whose prayers are so affected by his own self-awareness.


Besides, if people knew that prayer actually decreases the chances of achieving that is what is being prayed for, they would simply stop … if they cared.



  1. However, I respect prayers that are heartfelt, imbued with humanity. Some of the most moving words I ever heard came in the form of a prayer offered up before a town hall meeting in Sheffield, Alabama, from a very old Southern black lady, a person who might well have many reasons not to still believe either in the essential goodness of human nature or the power of God, but instead spoke words infused with compassion, dignity, and reverence.

    To me, the central problem in religious circles emerges from just such beauty, and that is the intrusion of religion into politics. If people would content themselves with good works and cultivating their values privately, fine, but just as politics has no right to interfere with religion, religion has no right to interfere with politics, lest faith simply become a matter of a political creed. Why would anybody want their God or their Saviour, etc, to sink to the level of being just one more opinion in the forum?

    Well, some religious sons of bitches want to come into politics AND reserve the right not to be criticised, as a result of squaring the above circle, the idea being that if you diss a liberal’s liberalism, that’s ok, it’s just an ideology, but if you diss a Christian’s Christianity, then you insult the person, the meaning of their whole life, God, Creation itself, amen.

  2. Of course, Jim, you may well object to a prayer before a town hall meeting, who knows? Personally, I felt it was elevating to take a moment and follow the path of some heartfelt words before turning attention towards more earthly concerns, such as the city’s lack of any third party insurance for its park wardens (resolution – “Instruct John to drive real careful, one accident and this town’s bankrupted…”)

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