Posted by: Jim | January 22, 2009

Ray Comfort is Funny



Well … he is.


You may have heard of Ray Comfort via his ambiguous relationship with Kurt Cameron and his famous YouTube video: “An Atheist’s Worst Nightmare.” When I first clicked on the video, I was actually braced to see some evidence that would really knock me off my stasis–something that would give me an “Alien vs. Predator” level of competition. But after a few minutes, I thought, “you’ve got to be kidding, right?”


In that video, Ray uses the banana to show how God created things specifically with humans in mind.



  1. They fit perfectly in the adult human’s hand.  
  2. They are easy to peel and eat.
  3. They have a semi-sticky exterior that makes it very easy to grasp, and difficult to drop.
  4. They are the right shape for the human mouth, and even curved toward the face for ease of consumption.
  5. They are so yummy!

The level of stupidity is so astounding it’s hilarious. This was not “Alien vs. Predator,” but more like “Alien vs. Hello Kitty.” Let’s break Ray’s argument down, shall we?


Assumption: Ray implies an assumption that the convenience of something that is good for humans is evidence of God’s intent to help us survive.

If that is true, then therefore the inconvenience of something that is good for humans is evidence of God’s intent to neglect us.

And also, the convenience of something that is harmful to humans must be evidence of God’s intent to destroy us.


He ends his speech by saying, “The whole of creation testifies to the genius of God’s creative hand.” Really? So here are some examples of things in nature, and what we can derive about god:


Apples, oranges, bananas: god loves us! They’re so neat!

Pistachios: god wants to annoy us.

Hazelnuts: god seriously hates us. Seriously. Until humans invented the nutcracker. Yeah! God loves us!

Death Cap Mushrooms: god wants to kill us.

Onions: god wants to make us cry.

Broccoli: god loves mean moms.

Artichoke hearts: god wants us to starve.

Fois gras: god loves us; hates geese.

Magic mushrooms/pot/peyote/etc: god wants us to get incredibly high.


See how silly the reasoning is? Here’s an alternative explanation for why bananas are so convenient: IT’S A RANDOM COINCIDENCE. It’s why we eat lots of bananas, and don’t eat a lot of artichoke hearts. Jesus Ray, get a clue. (Not only that, but bananas have been domisticated, and forced to evolve into something different–by humans.)


But it’s hard for people who use fuzzy thinking to think on a macroscopic level. People of faith use fuzzy thinking to validate their belief so much and so often, that they actually prefer fuzzy thinking, because the use of fuzzy logic seems so familiar and so right to them. There are far more astute and logical attacks against atheism, but Ray Comfort’s infantile fuzzy thinking is what gets the most Christian eyeballs.


Anyway, Ray has a new website, “Pull the plug on atheism.” It might have been an accident that the very first sentence I read on his new website had a typo in it. (Or, maybe God was trying to show me something?) Anyway, you will notice that there is no way for people to comment on Comfort’s asinine postings, and no forums for discussion. That’s because he knows his arguments will never stand up to even a grade-schooler’s reasoning skills.



  1. If we leave out #3, there are 4 good reasons there for hand and oral relief. Thanks, Ray!

  2. Sorry, leave out #2!!!

  3. I once had a girlfriend with a really sensitive gag-reflex and used this same argument.

  4. thanks for the thoughtful responses, guys. LOL

  5. Better fix the link to “Pull the plug on atheism.”

    (Curious do Buddhists rally against atheists, do Moslems, do Jews, do Scientologists? Or is it only ever – Christian GOOD! Atheist BAD?)


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