Posted by: Jim | February 3, 2009

The Courage of Scoundrels

Proposition 8 (which eliminated the right for same-sex couples to get married in California) was one of the most costly bills in history 


But in late January, people who donated money in support of Proposition 8 asked to have their names hidden from the public. They claimed they were getting death threats. There is a 1982 law that would protect those people if they could prove reasonable probability that they were in danger.


And here’s something revealing: “Prop. 8 supporters also say that all donor disclosures for ballot measures should be declared unconstitutional.” Clearly these Prop 8 supporters do not understand how America works. (That little tidbit is yours free!)


By hiding donor disclosures we enable something that has already happened. A little thing called “The tyranny of the majority.” What a beautiful power this would be for Christians who want to turn America into a theocracy.


We could vote in an automatic death penalty for anyone who does not uphold the sanctity of life!*


*The donors for this bill will be undisclosedtm.


Donor disclosure is a critical part of our democratic process. It began with the Political Reform Act of 1974. If any readers want me to explain this further, just ask. I’ll be happy to. How many other oppressive governments have kept its supporters secret? Shall we compare? Additionally, if you support something, shouldn’t you be proud enough to put your name on it? In this case, I think the supporters of Prop 8 know that they were being scoundrels, and that eventually the world would see their names carved indelibly into a terrible part of history. Where is their courage to stand up for what they really believe? Answer: it doesn’t exist.


Luckily, the good guy won.


The names of those who helped fund Proposition 8, which preyed upon weak-minded voters to curtail the rights of about 10% of our citizenry, have all been disclosed today to the general public. Their names can be found here. I encourage all of you to peruse it.



  1. What do you propose that people do with those names of people who supported Proposition 8?

    I love the idea of all of that sort of information being available to the public, unless there is a privacy issue, which in this case there is not. The Donor disclosure is an important part of our democracy as you say.

    People have different sides and takes on this issue. It’s not all as you say, that the people who supported this are scoundrels and bigots and evil people who want to squash 10% of our citizenry.

    This topic has been talked about ad nauseam on this blog. Regardless of how I feel personally (I am leaning on the side of letting them be able to get married but I support the right to be able to vote your conscience) the people who have reasons why they don’t want homosexuals to marry should not be targeted and tarred and feathered, right?

    Should they be subjected to criminal behavior, or are they protected under the law just as the rest of the citizenry? Protection from harassment, hate speech, bodily harm, abuse, etc..

  2. I think an open minded approach and a equal exchange of ideas and information on this subject (Prop 8) is what the country needs (and is what would change minds on the topic), not one side mentally/emotionally or physically strong arming/intimidating the other.

  3. I don’t know how that little sunglasses dude got on there, it was supposed to be an 8.

  4. LOL re: the sunglasses dude. That’s kinda funny.

    I hear what you are saying Ted and I think we’re in agreement.

    Of course people should be allowed to vote their conscience without fear of harm to their person or property. But they should also know that their “conscience” will be public if they donate money to a cause. In this case, I think some people actually felt ashamed for contributing (maybe even regretted it) and wanted to have their names expunged from the record. I’m against that–sounds like you are too.

  5. This reminds me of my call to simply cross-reference evangelical Christian church memberships with subscriptions to adult channels and publish the results. I could do with a good laugh.

    “Ah, Pastor Johnson is into interracial big jug action, I’d never guessed…”

  6. That would instantly put to death the adult cable channel industry. 😀

  7. The adult channel industry. Are those the ones who are responsible for Barney Miller reruns?

    Felix, what would you do with that subset? All it does is prove that humanity is fallible, something we already know from this blog, in abundance.

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