Posted by: Jim | February 10, 2009

Back in School

After getting a wild hair up my ass, I decided to go back to college and get my MA degree in History. Naturally this move was intended to contribute to my true passion in life, which is to figure it all out once and for all.

A few minutes later, I was actually sitting in a class. Now I am depleting 100% of my mental energy just catching up with all my reading assignments.

More Meat of the Matter will be forthcoming once I am successfully competing with my 20-year-old classmates.




  1. Go get ’em, Jim! Show ’em what history is all about, like when they were born. Reagan was retired, the Oakland A’s had just won the World Series, and the Niners were world champs in football. No one knew what the UFC was, and cell phones? What’s a cell phone?

    Go Team 40-Something.

  2. Hey, I’m happy for you. School can be fun. I’m taking two evening classes for a total of 4 nights a week (13 hours). My second class actually starts next week and runs 5 weeks while my first class started in January and is ongoing until May.

    I decided not to pursue a Master’s and just take classes for fun as much as I can. The local university didn’t offer a good degree in CS (theory emphasis like I wanted) and I didn’t want to pursue a degree centered on moving up the ladder at work. I want to learn for my own enjoyment.

    But still sometimes I wonder if I’m just exhausted at the thought of trying to finish a degree.

    Good luck in your studies!

  3. Congratulations, Jim! I know you’ll show those whippersnappers what for!

  4. More power to you.

    Once I complete my studies of reptile life in Central America we’ll be unstoppable.

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