Posted by: Jim | February 12, 2009

Happy Darwin Day

May our children be smarter than we are.



  1. Jim, I don’t think we’re any less intelligent or less capable than our children can or will be. I look at how the generation ahead of us legislates financial policy, and my grandfather (from the generation before that, and a banker) is spinning in his grave.

    From an evolution standpoint, did you get the story I sent you on how a 60% of Americans do not believe Evolution? It’s easy to say that the majority is wrong ‘just because’ your solution makes more sense to you. I am even on your side, but I’m not a pure Darwinist. Doesn’t make me wrong, or more stupid than you are. It makes me owning a different opinion than you.

    Do not always assume that just because time marches on, and lessons are learned, that the lessons are always the right ones, and that things always get better. They don’t.

  2. Todd, if you believe that a grape I’m holding in my hand is black, and I believe the grape is white, only one of us can be correct. (Or we might both be wrong.)

    What the majority of Americans believe has been wrong many many times, and they are wrong this time. Evolution is a fact that has been vetted by 150 years of scientific inquiry–some of which has been launched by some very skeptical scientists.

    What determines a fact is evidence. We know that 50 million years ago the earth was teeming with life. And the earth is teeming with life still today. The only difference is that almost NONE of the species that existed 50 million years ago exist today. And almost NONE of the species that existed today existed 50 million years go. This is a fact from fossil evidence. Evolutionists can explain–in terms layed out (almost) perfectly by Darwin 150 years go–how each species today evolved from species from 50 million years ago.

    It’s not a “repeatable, observable” fact. But it’s also neither repeatable or observable that Pearl Harbor was bombed on Dec 7, 1941. Maybe it happened on Dec 8? We have a LOT of evidence, however, that it happened on Dec. 7.

    Creationists are a lot like people who say that Pearl Harbor was bombed in Dec 8. They are up against a pile of evidence that says they are wrong, but because people don’t understand the general principles of evolution, and because it’s not “observable and repeatable” the Dec 8 people think they have a platform to speak.

    They don’t.

  3. Jim, I’m not arguing with your science, I agree with it. I am saying that your analogy with the grapes is an inaccurate comparison because it is a black and white issue, however creation v. evolution is a lot more complicated as you cannot completely prove either 100% in order to completely discredit the other. Your belief discredits my belief that both are possible. It doesn’t make you more wrong or more right, but it certainly makes you intolerant.

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