Posted by: Jim | February 19, 2009

Hitchens Has Huevos, Lacks Sense

I like Christopher Hitchens. I liked him when I first saw him on Politically Incorrect, and even though he was a supporter of the War in Iraq, I could never deny that the man spoke with clarity and confidence.


Lots of people think he is a pompous ass, and they are probably right. But after reading his “God is not Great,” I found an admiration for the man that will never go away.


But sometimes when you like someone, you like them because of their flaws, not in spite of them. Hitchens is one of those guys. He was in Beruit last week and after a night of hard drinking on the boulevard, drove by a sign for the Syrian Social Nationalist Party .

“They would be better off calling themselves the Syrian National Socialist party, and that’s what they are”, [Hitchens] said, speaking to today after arriving in the UK by plane. “I couldn’t tear it down but I got my marker out and wrote on it, effectively telling them to ‘fuck off’.”

Well what else are you supposed to do when you’re drunk in Lebanon, pissed off about their politics, and … Christopher Hitchens?

So he defaced the sign (allegedly he wrote “Fuck the SSNP” on it, as detailed here. So naturally there were a few SSNP thugs watching him, and they proceeded to kick his ass.

Since Hitchens is okay, this can just be a funny story. It was a pretty stupid move, you gotta admire his balls.

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