Posted by: Jim | February 23, 2009

Hinduism is the Way!

The longer I stand opposed to religions, the more I realize that “fuzzy thinking” is the impetus that continues to carry religions into today’s scientific age. Christians flock to miracles. My post about Laminin has gotten more hits than any other post.


The hits usually happen on Sunday or Monday. While I can’t be certain as to why, I can guess. On Sundays, preachers across the country are using the “laminin miracle” to inspire their congregations. Afterward, many of them are Googling it, and arriving at my blog.


To those Christians, I have this to say: you should become Hindu right away. Here’s why:


  1. There is a miracle where ALL gods at Hindu temples are drinking milk! (Look elsewhere on the web for this. It is an uncontested miracle that proves that God is sending us a message about Hindu gods! Either we should worship them, or we should start drinking more milk! I’m not sure!)
  2. God caused a flower to miraculously form the shape of the Hindu God Ganesha, and people are being healed by it.  

So since you believe that Laminin is a message from God, God must be a spiritual pluralist because he is sending us messages that inspire us to follow EVERY religion, because EVERY religion has been encountering these miracles in the past 10 years or so!


Or, your only other option is to discount all of it as make-believe rubbish. I’ll leave it up to you.



  1. Funy post. Hinduism is really great, don’t make fun of it. Just joking.

  2. I make fun of all religions equally. Does that help? 🙂

    Welcome Antuna!

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