Posted by: Jim | March 12, 2009

Atheists Need Fellowship Too

Last night I had the pleasure of sharing food and beverage with Scott Campbell, aka the Former Fundie. Scott was in town and looked me up. As expected, I almost instantly had an affinity with Scott. His friend Kris showed up, and the three of us had a some great conversation. What started off as very intellectual discourse, led to a lively debate on universal Health Care. Then, as the beers set in, our cerebellums gave way to a different organ, and our conversation degraded into “lazy eye porn” and … boobs in general.


I ended up hanging out much longer than originally intended because I was having so much fun. It made me miss the days when I would have fellowship as a Christian. Why aren’t there churches for skeptics? And more importantly, why didn’t I take pictures last night?


Good times!  I look forward to seeing Scott and Kris in Vegas in July.



  1. Good GOD man! Atheists? Fellowship? That almost sounds like organized religion!

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