Posted by: Jim | March 12, 2009

Michael Steele, The Hip-Hop Chairman Full of Jesus’s Love

I do enjoy it when a political issue crops up that allows me entry into that world (again). As I now focus only on religious issues, I’ve missed the political arena. (Example, today Madoff got life imprisonment, while the guy who threw his shoes at Bush got three years in jail. I was just dying to say that if Bush were still President, it would have been the other way around. There, I said it.)


But that’s not what I’m going to write about today. Today’s topic is RNC Chairman Michael Steele. Last week he went head to head with Rush Limbaugh, and wilted under the pressure. He ended up apologizing to a man who is perhaps the biggest meathead in the media. This was embarrassing to say the least, and also an indicator as to how hard the Republican Party must now work to keep its sinking ship afloat.

Well today, Steele stepped in it again. He said that all the flak he’s been getting over the Limbaugh issues tempts him to kick some ass. However, when he talks to God, he opts against it. Umm, really? When I get flak I just use my sense of common decency to not resort to violence. Steele does too, he just doesn’t know it.


Steele went on to say some things that I really like. Some really liberal things. Some things that the Republican Party might have asked about before making him their chairman. After Obama was elected, though, they just put on their thinking caps and said “Ah ha! BLACK MAN! We need a BLACK MAN! Who around here is black?? (OK not too black.) Hmmm. YOU! Over there! You’re the new chairman!”


Steele probably won’t have his job for long. And the Republicans badly need new leadership.


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