Posted by: Jim | March 20, 2009

Too Good Not to Repost

foxfamilypicnicDaniel Florien caught one of his Christian commenters impersonating an atheist in order to portray what he thinks is the typical “evil atheist.”


And oh yeah, the commenter is a pastor.  Rick Fox from North Carolina. There he is on the left.


I’m not normally vindictive like this, but furthering an incorrect stereotype is just about the lowest thing a person can do. This time, however, he didn’t get away with it.


UPDATE: He apologized to Daniel saying it was a “Lesson Learned.” Very well then. I can respect any man who is willing to sincerely apologize. In the name of all that is holy, I exhonorate you Pastor Fox!



  1. To him I say: Grow up.

  2. It proves that in any group of people, there are bad people, nice people, … and stupid people!

  3. That’s horrible. Too bad that he was doing that. I often think the same thing when callers are calling into a radio station!

  4. he was leading more people AWAY from Jesus with his lying than TO Jesus. which is sad to be honest. mistakes will no doubt be used as evidence poop to throw.

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