Posted by: Jim | April 21, 2009

Lying, Christian Style

One of my regular readers, Ted, sent this info to me in an honest inquiry. I think it is to his credit that he seemed a bit suspicious about this. After digging a bit, I was saddened (but not surprised) to see that certain groups in the Religious right are politicizing a very low-impact (but good) bill.


H.R. 1913 is doing a few things to shore up hate crime prevention.


  1. It’s providing federal assistance to local governments to help enforce laws that already exist.
  2. It’s also referencing definitions of hate crimes that are already law.
  3. It’s creating stiffer sentences for hate crimes.
  4. It’s adding crimes against homosexuals (and juveniles) to the statistics published about hate crimes. (NOTE: crimes targeting homosexuals was already considered a hate crime.)


The American Family Association (AFA) is decrying H.R. 1913, claiming that it “might” prevent churches from preaching that homosexuality is a sin. It then says that it will “undoubtedly” lead to Biblical thought about Homosexuality being a hate crime. In order to support their case, there is no link to the actual wording of the bill. In fact, if you click on the “Current Legislation” link there are links to EVERY OTHER bill working through congress, but NOT H.R. 1913. Maybe that’s because this bill is harmless. There is, however, a link to make it easy to notify congress about how bad H.R. 1913 is. And there’s also a link to make a tax-deductible charitable donation to the AFA.


The AFA appeals to its sheep-like readers (who are all a-flutter over the disgraceful Obama administration) to urge congress to vote down this law. One would assume that its terrified readership reads this, allows it to reaffirm their panic, and quickly clicks a link to notify congress without verifying the claims made by the AFA, whom they trust implicitly. The AFA, however, is lying disgracefully.


Why does the AFA want to prevent hate crimes against homosexuals? Do they secretly wish that homosexuals will get burned alive, dragged behind cars until dead, or bludgeoned to death as they have been in the past? While they are liars, I don’t actually think they want that. What they really want is …. Wait for it …. MONEY.


Fear sells. People have an aversion to verifying facts that complement their fear. People who are evil will prey upon religious people because they are easy targets with predictable fear points. That is what the AFA is about.  Money. And in so doing they are indirectly attempting to prevent gay-bashers from being convicted. Nice going guys.


But WAIT … there’s MORE!


lou_and20_andreaEnter the “Traditional Values Coalition” (TVC) stage left. They actually take the lies further. They claim the agenda is by evil gay, lesbian, and trans-gendered people, and also claim that their goal is to prevent actual speech against homosexuality. But then they claim that this law will apply very broad use of the term “intimidation” that may be used against Christians preaching about homosexuality. There is no such thing even remotely connected with H.R. 1913. Nor is there such a thing connected with the current definition of violent crime. Nor is there such a thing associated with the definition of a hate crime. The word “intimidation” is not used in any of these federal bills. The word is used in a state law, but that law already exists. Why are they protesting this federal law? Because it gets more bang for the buck, that’s why. Why get donations only from Pennsylvania when you can scare people nationwide? These people are just shrill, opportunistic deceivers who are out to get money.


If I were a Christian, I would be very upset about the AFA and the TVC. They are providing yet another reason why religion is such a destructive force in our country.



  1. “Why does the AFA want to prevent hate crimes against homosexuals?”

    Isn’t this missing a negative?

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