Posted by: Jim | April 20, 2012

Information Bubbles for the Deconverted

When listening to political rhetoric on Facebook or talk radio, I can always tell when someone is intrenched in an information bubble. All blame is placed 100% on Republicans (or Democrats), and Republicans (or Democrats) always <fill in the blank> or never <fill in the blank>.

Listen to yourself. If you hear yourself say things like this, you’re probably in an information bubble. And deconverted Christians can also be prone to this. They can blame everything on their old church or pastor, and they can make sweeping condemnations about Christians. I know because I used to be very guilty of it, and even now will sometimes slip into those attitudes.

A good practice is to always do your best to understand why Christians have chosen to stay on the path they are on. There are many. It also helps to understand the origins of religion in society, and the origins of the god-meme. Not only will this help you have a more even-handed opinion and attitude toward them, but will also allow you to more deftly debate them should the occasion arise.


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