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I grew up in a fundamentalist Christian home, where we prayed at every meal, followed a “Biblical” lifestyle, and attended church at least three times a week. My father was a pastor for many years. Our denomination was called “Foursquare” which is a close cousin of the Assemblies of God. I went to seminary from 1980 to 1982, with the intent to go into mission work. Then I began having doubts, and began failing as a student. 

For a more detailed version of my story, you can read the four blogs I’ve posted on the subject.

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In 1985 I renounced my faith. The subsequent emotional breakdown was more than I could bear, however, so I ran back to the church. In 1995, I finally broke free from my religion forever.

Now I am an atheist, dedicated to exposing the fallacies and dangers of Christianity in our society.   I do not hate Jesus, nor do I hate Christians. I am outspoken because I believe that Christ’s followers have an agenda that is, in the end, the antithesis of what Christ preached, and destructive to our society.

I live in a random beach community, California.

Email me at jim(at)etchison(dot)com

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